Can a Million People be Wrong?

Fifty Shades is mediocre and juvenile says top woman author (and the sex is boring, she confides)

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Okay, I really gotta get this off my chest. Really! The other day while loitering in my town, I dropped by to say hello to a local merchant who I barely knew. I had vague interactions before with her where she established that she holds a PhD in psychology (why am I plagued with knowing shrinks?) and a fan of my first book, Five-Star FLEECING.

"Have you read the Fifty Shades of Gray series yet?" she asked me.

"No, I'm too busy wading through 500 pages of manuscript, publishing my new comedy ebook series, blogging and marketing and promoting everything," I honestly replied. "I'm overwhelmed and unable to read a thing outside of my own crap."

"Well, I hate it, yet feel compelled to purchase the entire series. I spent $30 on those books," she informed me.

The fact that someone would spend money on something they didn't like was a strange disclosure to me. I couldn't get people to crack open their wallets for a $2.99 ebook that they liked!


"Over a million people purchased it!"

I looked at her. "You mean to tell me you spent $30 on a series of books you don't like because over a million people purchased it?"

"It seems as if a million people can't be wrong."

I couldn't suppress myself. "Over a million people supported Hitler. Tell me if they weren't wrong!"

She's not the only one who has said that to me.

Anyhow, too many sane people quoted that remark about books, movies, shows and then wailed due to dissatisfaction with what they've read and seen. And then it hit me. With the onslaught of so many books, traditional and self-published, people, for the most part, are purchasing what others do because there's too much out there to wade through. They're overwhelmed as well.

I realize this extends into all consumer purchases. Years ago, I simplified my food shopping to only natural products. I rely on the advice of my hairdresser for products. I rely on my good friend, the award-winning graphics artist, Laslo Cheffolway, for many things, including products.

"Buy Apple - they're the best!" he informed me years ago when I had to purchase a computer.

I went out and bought a desktop, router and external hard drive. They all crashed. After wrangling for three years, finally Apple made good. More than likely because I became a household name in their corporate office. Still, undeterred, I purchased their iPhone and laptop. Once again, these products crashed. Which leads me to believe that, insofar as technology, I'm a casualty. Although, over the past year, without any major Apple product meltdowns, I'm a satisfied consumer.

So, if I rely on other people's advice for product, I can relate that people do the same with books. I only wish my fans were more vocal.

Which leads me to interesting concepts for marketing...

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