Apple: It was a Matter of Time Before There'd be an Expose - UPDATED!

It's 1 1/2 weeks now since my Macbook Air 11" has been placed in the hands of Apple's senior engineers. I'm supposed to receive it tomorrow and wonder whether it'll work. 5th time supposed to be the lucky break.

One thing for sure: I called them on their crap in 2 ways: (1) what really goes on behind the scenes; and (2) the way their customer service treated me.


Companies like Apple become arrogant, believing they can stomp on little people like me. I've seen this repeatedly, esp. while analyzing companies on Wall Street for 30 years. It's funny how the same issues crop up when a company reaches a certain size. So damn predictable, I can set my watch to it.

And I've been kvetching for months now in several blog postings what I've experienced. It's nice to read inside information to see that I'm not the only one.

Without further ado, the 2 links from

The 2nd link is Apple's handbook on how to treat customers. BTW - they NEVER put ANYTHING in writing. So, all my emails are one way. Somehow, I'm not easily swayed by their textbook methods of feeling good, as per this extract of an email I sent them on July 2:

Dear Des -

I have to applaud you on your customer service training. I remember going through the EST training as well. Let's see: let them talk themselves raw & then do nothing. Yes, I've done the mind-f**king to my clients, so let's dispense with the niceties. I'm reeling, livid and disgusted with what has been going on & what has occurred the past several days.

First off, I've been polite to you, allowing you to believe that I believe in your concern. What kind of asshole do you take me for? Your job is to coddle me while not giving an inch. You act as if honoring the warranty, something I PAID FOR, is a grand deed for Apple. And, I really appreciate your education of a life cycle of a product. Darling, I made 6 figures on Wall Street for 30 years as a financial analyst specializing in company and product life cycles. Really appreciate the tutorial, for what the hell do I know? Yes, life changes and yes, now I'm a poor struggling artist. But that knowledge never goes away.  

BTW - thanks for informing me that your non-Apple products have a life that exceeds Apple ones. That slip didn't go un-noticed. And thank you for letting me know that you guys operate on a case by case basis. So, am I that selected case that you'd honor? Or is that another carrot stick method to coddle me, thinking I'd succumb to more empty innuendos.

And, on July 24:

Des -

The FedEx guy came over & dropped the Macbook Air off around 5-ish. I was still in the midst of working so I didn't open it until 6:15. I just turned it on, checked out the diagnostics to ensure that it was a new battery - with 0 cycles. I had to make sure because it was only 54% charged.

I didn't use the computer, just left it on. No windows open. And within half an hour, it went from 54 to 44%. Now, 10 minutes later, the battery degraded to 38%.

Does this necessitate ANOTHER trip? I can't do it. I can't. I'm still upset about the 3 other 'repairs', the dings where there was none & now I know there's something intrinsically wrong with the computer to have a new battery dying without usage, just keeping the laptop open. It wasn't this way before the operating system crashed.

Des - I want to return this computer and get my money back. I'm done. I heard good things about Dell. 

I can't continue to expend all my time on this computer that doesn't work. You're NOT my employer and it's not cool that I have to stop writing articles and books because Apple sold me a lemon.

And, my crowning glory, on July 25:

Des -

I'm simply appalled by this recent conversation. Why should I lie to you that today's my birthday? Check Wikipedia if you don't believe me. 

Secondly, what is this crap you spouted, "Apple did you a favor by giving you a battery for free because it's not covered by the warranty."? 

During the 2nd round of repairs when the keyboard was broken at your end while replacing the defective hard drive, the battery was impaired as well. It didn't occur at my end, it occurred at YOUR end. So, why am I accountable for the errors committed by your organization?


Let me reiterate: I am NOT an employee for Apple, yet all MY time has been dedicated to sorting out the problems arising from YOUR product taking away time for me to earn MY livelihood. I know that Apple has a net worth that exceeds the total planet so I don't understand your staunch refusal to assist me outside of having my computer repeatedly destroyed. It's bad enough that each time I deal with you & Apple is a time suck for me, but the exterior of the computer's also getting beaten up with dings & rubber things getting marred. What the hell is going on with you guys?

I don't understand why you insist that you're doing me a favor by honoring the warranty that I paid for. Is this the new Apple credo? A mantra that you must abide by?

This situation is deplorable. I've a computer that I couldn't use nearly 2 months. I don't even want to use it for fear that something else is going to occur. I'm in the midst of publishing another book and don't have time to continue to waste on this defective merchandise. 

Either give me a new one or return my money in full. I paid you with non-defective money.

I'm supposedly receiving the Macbook Air 11" tomorrow. Will this ever end?!?!

Since I've always been exposing stuff way before it hits mainstream, it should be fun to read the next articles to come out:  scandals surrounding

As my mother used to say, "The larger they are, the harder they fall."

Oh, it'll happen, mark my words!

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