Blame it on the Baby Boomers Wa Wa Wa Wa

I love reading articles about my unremarkable my generation, The Baby Boomers. About how we fucked everything up for the following generations. How we didn't produce a brilliant gleaming light of intellectualism and cure cancer, extend longevity, heal the economy and, basically, how corrupt we are.

Wa wa wa wa. Wail away.

Those articles remind me of when I was young and critiqued my parents' generation. For the mess they brought us. In my case, growing up in a family directly connected to the Holocaust. For having anger, fear of being shoved in the ovens and misplaced pride of being an ugly American. For learning how to sit underneath a table in elementary school just in case an ABomb attacked our shores. Like the table's gonna help?

Guess what? To the mewling critics, even back then boomer kids wanted equal rights and socialist medicine. Where did those concepts come from? Huh? We got the former (not too successfully for women, but hey, gay rights leapfrogged over womens' because who gives a fuck about women) and socialized medicine's finally coming. Aren't we all fucking happy?

Wa wa wa wa

It's all bullshit.

I'm glad to know I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth. Shit, it didn't feel that way. I worked hard for every fucking thing I got. I lucked out in high school in getting into that special education program, I won a scholarship for studying like a dog in high school. And, when I joined the job force, I wasn't prepared for anything, but an academic career.

I competed against people who went to school for a career, not an education. That was my failing. I took courses in things that I thought would make me a well-rounded person. Stupid me. Even back then, I wasn't with it. All I held were pieces of paper and the ability to speak in three languages. I felt LUCKY to get a secretarial job.

Wa wa wa wa. I guess it must be my sense of entitlement, right?

1977 in NYC sucked economically, barely emerging out of the throes of a financial crisis since 1975. Unemployment among teenage minorities skyrocketed to 75%. Massive job cutbacks in NYC across the board knocked out over 100,000 jobs resulting in defaults galore. Caused by the banks bleeding NYC dry. Those banks were not run by baby boomers, incidentally. Sorry to let you know.

Here's a news flash for ya: you mean to tell me that banks were corrupt, even in the 1970's? Who the fuck are we going to blame, then? Huh? Baby boomers?

Let's not forget July 13, 1977, the blackout, riots and looting.

Soon after, there were massive lay-offs on Long Island from defense jobs. Where any piece of shit job was fought over tooth and nail between middle-aged engineers and young kids coming out of school.

But what does the baby boomer know about unemployment, skyrocketing interest rates, defaults?

I'm glad to read about my halcyon years. Shit, I wish I lived in THAT parallel universe. All I know is that I fought every fucking step of the way. Almost my entire twenties were spent working full time shit jobs with unpaid overtime while going to school at night for an MBA. Sad to say, I was GRATEFUL in having a job! The SOLE good stroke of fortune I had was that my jobs paid for my education on the proviso I had a 4.0. I made sure I got that.

I felt exhausted at 29 when I graduated from the MBA program after 5 years of study 3 semesters a year. And, get this - even after I got the fucking MBA - it still didn't further me in my career. Because I didn't get an Ivy League degree. My resume still was tossed aside.

Talk about a waste of time. I coulda partied like a disco star, a rock star. People reminisce about those years, about the music, the good times. Yes, I did go out, but no, all I remember was work, school, work, school. I was a single gal who was self-supporting. I never took a dime from daddy who never offered to help anyway. Hey, he was in military defense, clinging desperately to his job.

Stupid me, again. I had a thing called, "pride" and another little thing, "integrity." I believed in earning my own way in the world.

Wa wa wa wa

But I lived an entitled life. I like reading that. It's nice to know.

It's also nice to know how middle-aged people are committing suicide today in droves because their dreams didn't come true. {That was sarcasm.} Yes, we should die and leave the world to you snot-nosed, entitled assholes who think you know better.

I love reading articles: to hell with Wall Street. Kill bankers. Rip the financial institutions apart. Yes, the younger generations want to destroy all these evil and corrupt places, but I keep asking myself, "And replace it with.... what?" None of you whiners have ever come up with a suggestion.

Since you're so fucking smart, wise-acres younger geners, tell me, what do you intend to replace it with? One giant global institution and make us all slaves? Now that seems to be a solution.

The only thing that puts a smile on my face, after reading those articles, is that I know the subsequent generations' education's sub-par because it's only career oriented not culturally oriented, they inherited a shitty economy and with socialized medicine shoved down the throat (something everyone younger seems to want), life expectancy rates will plummet.


Pretty soon, as Isaac Asimov predicted in a speech in 1974, we'll be one homogenous kind of people starving to death.

Gratefully, I'll be long dead.

# # #

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