Mostly Sunset, a New eBook by Yours Truly - an Anti-Fracking Stand

Over the course of four seasons starting in Fall 2011, I took sunset pictures mainly from my cottage deck in the wilderness of western New York State. I don't know what compelled me to do this outside of the fact that sunsets here are always spectacular. And the boredom factor, don't forget that.

To those of you who are unfamiliar with the plight of my life, imagine me cast as Zsa Zsa Gabor in the Green Acres tv sitcom with no husband. Or money. Or social life. Since February 2011, things got worse when I became neurologically deaf. Yet, the cellphone pics didn't start until September 11. Telling, isn't it?

At first, I uploaded these sunset photos to my Facebook page. Before I knew it, friends downloaded them to their pages and onto their cellphones. Then, one friend suggested I make an ebook composed of the best of these photos. Which I did!

So there you have it: an ebook consisting of 46 pics, mostly from my cottage and mostly sunset. After endless edits, those 46 stunning and gorgeous pics taunted me. I began to see things in them, hidden codes like those children's coloring books of items in clouds.

A spectacular thing occurred during the final revision: an epiphany. Should fracking be shoved down our throats here, not only will those spectacular sunsets cease to exist, the pristine nature of the lake will disappear as well. For those of you not in the know: fracking is a very contentious method of extracting gas from shale. It's a hit or miss situation whether pollution will ensue as certain towns have no problems, yet others are destroyed. But one thing for certain: the infrastructure will definitely pollute this area.

Infrastructure as the usage of trucks 24/7, expansion of roads and transport of fracking equipment. The two-lane highway that connects my small town to the major NYS artery (which has already been expanded and upgraded in anticipation of fracking) a score of miles away can not support this traffic. In fact, the spill off into the lake will contaminate it in a snap. Not only that, for your dear author here, the sound of the trucks will have me moving to an even MORE remote place, deep in the woods, fodder for deer and escaped prisoners.

The bottom line is that pretty soon we'll have a verdict on fracking. And all that may remain of this part of western New York State will be Mostly Sunset as the place will become another Love Canal.

In this vein, please purchase Mostly Sunset as a stand against anti-fracking. And it won the 2012 Bethel Corner Award.

Much appreciated.

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