The Invisibility Factor

There're only 2 types of women out there: the fuckables & the unfuckables.

By virtue of my age, currently 57, I fall under the unfuckable category. This is what I look like (as of August 25, 2012 after I got my hair done at Dazzlers, Pine Bush, NY. Michelle, proprietor & hairdresser par excellence, beat my hair into submission! You can see I'm happy with the result.):

Not bad for 57, right? Well, I look better in reality. You get the entire body. And the tattoos. Anyhow, being unfuckable (at least on paper or internet) renders me invisible. For who deals with an invisible woman, right?

Yet, being an invisible woman has its drawbacks. I'm ignored and my complaints regardless of topic are relegated to that of a middle-aged woman who's missing a few cogs in the head.

I realize that now with my interactions with Apple. It took 5 tries to fix my Macbook Air. And the jury's still not in as I just received it and working on the kinks. The good people in Appleland, all the way to the top, treated me like the invisible woman they hoped would disappear. That only maddened me. It was only through the intervention of my good friend, Daniel, that someone listened to me. Imagine, I had to get a MAN to intervene on my behalf! It's like what I had to say was not valid until a man said it. Granted, he has a plethora of knowledge to back him up. Even so, discounted again by my age. Given the spate of vitriolic emails I sent them, couldn't they tell I was a pit bull chomping away?

And forget about doctors! I had to FIRE my ENT because she treated my complaints about my rare neurological deafness and its symptoms as those of a bored housewife going slightly nuts. I'm definitely not bored and certainly not a housewife. Insofar as going nuts, I go that way when my complaints are treated as trivial. Only through tireless research combined with the care and attention of my audiologist I found that no, I'm not exaggerating my symptoms, I'm not a lunatic, I truly have a very acute form of this. Not only that, through repeated testing, what I have was scientifically proven. But, alas, according to that ENT, "I've NEVER heard of this my entire life! You should seek therapy and go on drugs!"

I can't wait until she hits my age and treated the same way.

Even though I'm invisible, in truth, I'm still deemed fuckable. But not in a nice way. Now I'm viewed as an older woman who needs a pity fuck tossed her way by a younger man. They want to brag their sexual acumen in pleasing an older woman. Or, the older ones believe I'm an available piece of meat who should be grateful they cast their eyes on me. What's even worse is the combination of the two where they want to brag to their friends that they 'did' an author. There's no winning this.

I'm rather looking forward to getting older and hitting the next step: old age. That's when invisibility and unfuckability really kick in and people will truly treat me like shit for having the disgrace to become old, a relic, a dinosaur.

It seems like I can never win.

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haha, found your blog by accident, You write some funny stuff