The On-Going Apple Saga with a Little FedEx Tossed In

To those of you in the know, it's now the 5th round of repairing my Macbook Air 11". I've been quiet lately because I hit walls each way I turned: Apple's adamant in not replacing it with a new one. The whole situation is entirely too fucking insane with the interactions from the Super Duper Customer Relations and now the EXECUTIVE OFFICE. So insane, in fact, that I eyed my hammer the other day and thought, "Fuck it all."

Instead, I broke down and begged the CEO with an email:

I'm not going into the drama of the story because you've all the information from your Executive Office. I was told that all my issues stem from when the Macbook Air 11" was flooded with fluid a month after purchase and the 5th Avenue Store was kind enough to repair it free of cost. I was told then it was coffee, but according to the child's mother who confessed 3 weeks ago, it was water. Nevertheless, XOXO from your Executive Office informed me that I had usage for a year and a half and should be thankful. I should also be pleased that you will repair it again. 

All I know is that the hard drive crashed and your AppleCare people insisted it was defective all along. All I know is that the keyboard didn't operate after the second round. And then the battery the third and fourth round. XOXO also told me that the cover is extensively damaged and they've the pictures to prove it. That was after my request the 4th time to take pictures to make sure that it wouldn't be damaged again. So, yes, the 4th time shows the damage.

All I know is that people are giving me excuses to fit the scenario each time I complain that a product I spent $1,000 on doesn't work repair after repair. If it were damaged 1 1/2 years ago by fluid, why is it only now that I'm told when I staunchly request to have the Macbook Air replaced at the Executive Office? 

So, I took my question about the fluid to your own employees at which they scoffed. 

XOXO told me that I used up my get out of jail free card. And no replacement will ever take place. 

The bottom line is that right now I don't trust the product, never knowing what next will occur. In that regard, it's inoperable. 

I'd appreciate, in writing, your firm decision and not another telephone call. 

Then, I enrolled my dear friend, Daniel who's an expert in several fields to help. Daniel's not precisely someone you can fuck with. Nor would you want to.

I explained in an email to XOXO in the Executive Office at Apple that I used up all my hearing time on them and they will have to contend with Daniel as my representative. (To those of you not in the know, I'm neurologically deaf and listening is an active role that exhausts me.) Something tells me they rue the day they tangled with him. Because he knows what he's talking about, unlike me, just fighting what I think is right. Daniel knows where Apple fell off the track and he pointed it out.

The net effect is that my Macbook Air 11" will be repaired from soup to nuts with sign-offs from every person involved so that I'll never have a problem again. Insofar as the dented cover, grace to the back and forth through FedEx shipments, I'm stuck with that.

I'm glad there's a resolution. I think it's totally insane that Apple has spent all this energy and time on my case and STILL won't replace the product! At this stage, THEY're more in the hole than I am!

Well, to wrap it up, this morning FedEx came to my door with a broken box from Apple. This is the box I'm supposed to put my Macbook Air 11" in for its last shipment back to Apple for repairs. Now, I KNOW why my laptop has tons of dings on it:

What gets me more than anything is that FedEx had the audacity to come over here with that broken piece of shit & expect me to accept it! WTF?

I sent this pic to Daniel who, in turn, sent it to Apple. They may phone me for an investigation. All I know is that my complaints about the cover of my Macbook Air 11" and damage to the constant FedEx shipments have now been proven.

And here we go again...

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