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I apologize for being repetitive here for the frequent readers. To the new readers of this blog, I'm neurologically deaf meaning the sounds I hear tend to resemble Klingons singing their triumph over slaying the kibbles - distorted through a wad of cotton. As a result, I don't watch tv or listen to radio. Hell, I can't tolerate any sound whatsoever. In fact, I'm an audible mess.

Instead, I rely on the internet for news. And what I'm reading from the major papers, minor papers, twitter haiku reports, speeches from the DNC AND GOP as well as the comments from the lunatic fringe has me in a frenzy.

It's about women's reproductive rights. 

I'm sitting here in my bubble of silence wondering if we lost our marbles. Rape, abortion, birth control.

Rape, abortion, birth control.

Rape, abortion, birth control.

There seems to be something missing from the equation, that fucking RHINOCEROS head in the middle of the room: 


Doesn't that remind you of the 1970's? Well, it's fucking 2012! Since 1970's we've racial equality (ok, it ain't there yet, but what a leap since the 1970's!), the rights of the handicapped and the recognition for the most part of gay marriage.

This is all good, a progression of a society that embraces all its members who constituted a minority. HOWEVER, the same 2 factors that I remember from the NOW organization in the 1960's remain:

Mind you, women are 58.6% of the US Labor Force!

(1) Women still constitute 1% of all CEOs in America
(2) Women still earn 65% of what men earn in the same position.

Why isn't there a hue and cry about this?????? Why is it that women's true plight outside of rape, abortion and birth control remains consistently the same?

I wrote on my FB page the following and people went off their rockers: (Excuse the repetition, but I can only be so creative!)

If I read one more article about reproductive rights, I may strangle myself on the first umbilical cord. Don't get me wrong, but damn, the TRUE issue is that over the past 60 years or so, women still: (1) constitute only 1% of CEOs in the US and (2) still earn only 65% of what a man does for the same position. For some reason, I hear only about birth control, pregnancy and abortion. Because today women's rights are in the kitchen and not in the boardrooms.

The comments were invariably, gee, I never thought of that! This is from WOMEN! WTF?

So, please, dear reader, tell me what you think.

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This blog and all its posts are a work of fiction. Names, character, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

The only ones who should be allowed to make laws (or even speak of) regarding reproductive rights are those who have (or had) a uterus.

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