Going Insane/Just Vote!

This video kinda sums up my life:

What makes this song even more endearing to me is that it also represented my ex-boyfriend. I played it for him the last time I saw him. He didn't get my subtle hint. All he could say was, "Wow, they speak Spanish!"

At any rate, I find the song even more applicable than ever, considering what's going on in the world, let alone in this beautiful country of which I'm proud to be a citizen. When I was a teen-ager, I was ashamed of being an ugly American. My father, a diehard Democrat who fought in WW2 and worked military defense, showed his patriotism by decorating the house in American eagles and memorabilia. It clashed with my mother's paint by numbers of female nudes on all the wood-paneled walls.

"You don't know shit!" he screamed several times. Yeah, Dad said 'shit' a lot to me when I was a teen-ager. Let's rephrase that: a snotty, know-it-all teen-ager who thought she knew the world. To my retorts, he firmly shouted, "Malarchy!"

I'll never forget the day when my father returned from work. Depressed and betrayed, he muttered, "They bombed Cambodia behind our backs." He got the heads up at work before the media knew. That was a turning point for him, a real eye-opener. Suddenly, the snot-nosed kid had a point about the evils of that government. Then he railed about the way the Viet Nam war vets were treated. He became quite vocal about all sorts of issues and even more intolerant than I was. In fact, his security clearance was revoked for one year when he cried out at work, "I'm voting for Gus Hall for President!" It was meant to be a joke. Gus Hall ran for President in the American Communist Party.

Ever since, Dad was never a fan of big government and believed strongly in changing things from the inside. From Dad, I got that strict adherence to fulfill my civic duties. The one he adored was jury duty. I hated that. The other one was the right to vote.

Having traveled a bit around the world, I recognized that voting is a precious right that Americans take for granted. Generally, only 30% of Americans vote although in the last presidential election that was bumped up to nearly 42%. Still, 42%???? That's disgraceful. Especially among women! The suffering the suffragists went through to get us that right!

I've heard many excuses for this complacency, idiocy and stupidity for failing to vote. Just recently, I listened to someone rant about how unhappy she was with what's going on with the government and said, "Just vote."

She went batshit on me, "I'm not a Republican! Why should I vote for them?"

In all candor, I shy away from endorsing any political party. I'm still foaming at the mouth from reading the speeches from both DNC and GOP. Neither party truly reflects me. But that's not going to deter me from voting.

Taken aback, I shouted, "I never said that at all! I didn't tell you WHO to vote for, I'm telling you to VOTE! Get your voice heard!"

While I walked away, she responded to my back, "I'm not interested in politics." 

WTF? I listened with my poor hearing to her shit and this is her excuse?!  I must be getting old. Politics has EVERYTHING to do with your life!! With whom you marry, what you can purchase, your freedoms... Hell, the entire world's aflame and it's all about politics! I'm constantly floored when I hear this. Of course, those are the rare times when I can actually hear! 

Then she added, "Besides, my vote doesn't count."

Oh boy. Don't get me started with that.

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Stacey Roberts said...

"Hell, the entire world's aflame and it's all about politics!" Good advice to the citizens of this country.

Maura said vote, folks. Go do it.

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me. I think I'll vote twice!