How I Met Dustin Hamman, One of the Most Talented Musicians Out There

Over a year or so ago, I met this guy at an anti-fracking rally. A much younger guy, very endearing, who looked like he walked out of a two-dimensional lithograph. He wore an old vintage suit circa 1824 and a beat-up hat. Yet, it was his long hair and wild beard that made him stand out from everyone else. Besides his piercing blue eyes.

We kibbitzed for a while and then I had to take off. Mind you, this was at the beginning of my deafness where I could partly hear, before all the shifts and adjustments took place. A week or so later, I bumped into this guy at a local tavern which features open mikes. Of course, I came too late and missed him play.

We hung out at the bar. Over the course of our discussion, it turned out I had something at home I thought was junk and he thought wasn't. I made an exchange with him: I'd give him this object I didn't want any more for a song.

Now, I had no idea what kind of music this guy played. All I saw was his guitar case. I had no idea the quality of his playing. Almost everyone where I live plays guitar. Except for me. And then again, I was going deaf, so who was I to judge?

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"You're doing me a favor. I was going to throw it out anyhow."

He followed me in his truck to my place. I made him drag that guitar case down the driveway to my deck. I left him there and rummaged in my kitchen for that piece of crap.

"Aha!" I said, "Here it is."

I went outside and handed it over to him. Meanwhile, he pulled the guitar out and sat on the edge of my chaise lounge. I sat across from him, smiling, anticipating the typical low-level artistry to which I was accustomed. He strummed a few chords, opened his mouth and my eyes rolled up in my skull!


Never before was I knocked off my feet. And I grew up with musicians. The moment he finished the song, a streak of lightening crossed the overhead sky.

"I gotta go," he said. "My windshield wipers don't work well."

In a daze, I said, "No problem. And thanks for the song." I couldn't stop laughing as he hightailed back to his car, dragging his poor guitar in its case up the hill. I was serenaded by one helluva talent! All for a piece of crap I was gonna throw out!!

Several weeks later, I recorded him playing with Josh Fox, the talented documentary filmmaker, in Milanville, PA. This is the song that knocked my socks off:

I saw him only one more time before he headed back west. So, imagine, my surprise when I received an email from him notifying me of another concert taking place this Saturday:

Guess I got my Saturday evening planned!

# # #

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