Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! And eDating Advice!

As a joke on twitter, I renamed one section of my comedy book about online dating, eDating the Old School Way, by adding one word, "Zombie." And thus a brilliant idea came forth.

I'm pleased to announce I wrote the ONLY online dating book that also addresses the current and vastly important topic of zombies, considering they're taking over the nation!

In Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication, the female zombie enthusiast will be finally able to discern the undead from actual living men, thereby reducing the risk of being consumed alive.

On sale now: eDating the Old School Way---

eDating the Old School Way

Strangely, few revisions from the original first section, Men, eDating and Masturbation.

And there you have it!

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For a limited time: After you purchase eDating the Old School Way, please contact the author to let her know so she can name a squirrel after you.

Finite quantity of squirrels available.

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