You gotta love it. It drives newspaper sales, hell, online paper clicks skywards. How appropriate that after a contentious Presidential election the shit hits the fan!
I love spin. It's delicious. The energy, focus and time consumed to get a story in place to shove down the American throats. It's like feeding us shit and telling us it's gourmet foie gras.

The whole basis of spin is to get us so outraged about sideline issues that we forget (as Americans tend to do) the underlying issues.

Such as Petraeus, the former CIA director. We're tuned into the salacious sexual emails he and his lover exchanged, the crazy ass shit that widened like concentric circles to include Gen. Allen and letter writing campaigns for custody for yet another third party and now ANOTHER general's exposed with even more shit.


No wonder our people were neglected in Benghazi. The people who should be taking care of our citizens are too busy jacking off.

Not to mention the virtual pillow talk going on. Now they're talking about spies! Even more spin!

All of this is to sidetrack us from the issue of whether our President knew about Benghazi while it occurred. That seems to have been swept under the carpet for the SPIN is extraordinary.

I couldn't write shit like that!

What gets to me even more so is that people act as if it's a dirty little secret recently aired. Let me clue you in: everyone knows everything in DC. Just like Vegas, what goes on in DC stays in DC. And I'll segue into a little story:

Around 27 years ago, my then boyfriend and I visited his best friend in DC. His friend had a terrific job at Capital Hill and privy to all things going on nationwide. Later that night, his friend disclosed all sorts of tales to us: like who's fucking whom, who does drugs, which one was arrested. The thing is, it was so matter-of-fact. Matter-of-fact for the people of DC. Because those things were contained there. To us cosmopolitan New Yorkers, whoa! what an eye-opener!

Years later, every single thing his friend told us crept into the newspapers. Still, I was floored. Until I remembered my own former industry, banking. You see, all the banking scandals that make it to the newspapers have been brewing for at least a decade. Remember Enron? Fuck, man, I warned my former employer about them for almost 2 years before the shit hit the fan - that one was a no-brainer. Let's not even get into the Madoff ponzi scheme that everyone knew about, yet no one spoke a word. The global ones, like the LIBOR scandal took over 20 years to fizzle to the media. It makes sense then why it takes so long to hit the media.

Because there're many fingers in the pie. Vested interests.

Let's not neglect the most important ingredient: timing.

Still, I enjoy the spin. Because everything will peter out. The circles will widen and widen to the extent that outrage about how our Ambassador and Marines were tortured, raped and murdered to a live audience for 7 hours will dissipate.

For that's the purpose of spin.

Until the next time.

# # #

PS: I forgot to add this the first time. The other aspect of SPIN is while we lust after the latest sexcapades, we miss out on very important things. Like, the fact that over 100 missiles rained down on Israel from Syria and the West Bank since the American Presidential election. Like how the UN's gonna push for Palestinian statehood. Like how this might be a full out and out global war in 2 weeks.

Again, that's the purpose of spin. It's the inverted way of an ostrich putting its head in sand - we're putting it up our asses.

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