Verizon - It's 10 Years Now & I Never Came Back - Watch out AT&T & TIME-WARNER CABLE!

Here we go again with Time-Warner Cable!!
Why is it when I order a service for $35 a month just for internet access, I get billed for ANOTHER service for $51.96? This occurs every six months for the past several years and involves at least 10 phone calls ending up with the corporate office. At least this round, the kind customer service woman waived fees due to Hurricane Sandy.

I'd rather have another tree fall on my house than deal with customer service.

Which reminds me of the time when I used to have Verizon service on 2 landlines and one cellphone. I went on vacation to Mexico, the first worst vacation, and prior to my departure called Verizon.

"Would I get service in Cancun, Mexico? If not, I'd like to add international service to my cell phone."

"Oh no, you don't need that," insisted the customer service representative, "you'll get service."

"Are you sure?" I said.


Unconvinced, I called at least two other times with the same response. While ill in Cancun, I staggered only two times to a nearby hotel business office to check my voice mails. It turns out that no Americans had cell service in Cancun, Mexico. It was the black hole of US cellphone service. Something everyone knew except Verizon. Upon arrival at JFK, I checked my voice mail.

"This is your cousin and wanted to tell you that you missed your grandmother's funeral." In Jewish tradition, they bury the following day. I had no idea my grandmother died because I didn't check my voice mails the day prior to departure, figuring that nothing new would happen in a day.

Boy, was I wrong!

Livid, I phoned Verizon corporate office. "Why would you tell me I would have service in Cancun, Mexico when I didn't?"

"Oh, we said that?"

"You fuckers! No one with US carriers has cell service in Cancun, Mexico! You, of all people should know that. Because of Verizon, I missed my grandmother's funeral!" In a spate, I said, "I had three accounts with you. Don't worry, as of this moment, it'll be down to one. I'm going to AT&T."

"Oh, you'll come back to us," said the executive at Verizon. "Everyone does. We're the best service you will ever get."

I promptly canceled the cell phone service and one landline. The remaining landline I kept at the summer place, a rotting 100 year old cottage where I live full time now. Yet, I made sure the only service I'd pay for were outgoing local calls. That's because, at the time, AT&T didn't have any wireless service in the pocket of Western New York state.

Which is when the fun and games started. The first bill I received from Verizon was a whopping $156.00 for the summer place months later when I reactivated that dormant seasonal account.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I screamed on the first, second, eighteenth phone calls to Verizon. "This is a seasonal account, meaning I only use it at least three months a year on weekends for local calls only!"

"We have it here that you ordered international, internet access, call backs, call trace, all the bells and whistles. And let's not forget the $30 turn on fee."

"I live alone and the last I checked, I'm not bipolar so I never ordered these services. Insofar as the $30 turn on fee, that's waived because I pay $2 a month for the privilege of being your customer."

Adamant, Verizon refused to allow adjustments.

The thirtieth phone call to their corporate office had me foaming at the mouth. I got clever this round. "Okay, geniuses. Tell me how many outgoing calls I made. And how much usage I had on the internet service."

That's when I got my account adjusted. It only took a mere two months. And repeated every year for several years. I'm sure they've a file at Verizon under "lunatic fringe."

Let me point out here, AT&T is no better with service. I learned early on that my wireless service cut out all the time in NYC. I persevered with them because my friend, Laslo, insisted they improved service to accommodate iPhones, exclusive at the time with AT&T. Each month, I had to have my bill adjusted for non-service. They, as well, have a file on me at AT&T under "lunatic fringe."

Finally, AT&T gave carrier service where I live now full time at the summer place. Intermittent at best. Which I don't understand because there's a humongous AT&T tower across the lake from me. At any rate, pleased that I didn't have to rely on my landline, I cancelled my Verizon landline account with glee.

"Just want to let you guys know I'm never using Verizon again, ever again while I live and breathe."

The customer service person said, "Oh, you'll come back to us. Our customers always do."

Then, when I was trapped in my house with a tree cutting off access to the road and downed live power lines snaking all over the place Day 1 of Hurricane Sandy, I picked up my cellphone to dial 9-1-1. Nice to know I had no service whatsoever from AT&T when I direly needed it. Yet, I heard from others in my community that Verizon was no better with the landlines: they were dead as well.

So, Verizon, just want to tell you: it's 10 years now and I never came back. So much for your exemplary service.

Now, onto NYSEG customer service. During the 7 night, 8 day electrical outage from Hurricane Sandy, I received a bill. I'm still upset they told a neighbor who called on my behalf that as long as I'm ambulatory, there was no emergency - even with downed power lines surrounding my property. Hell, I was told that by their very own people face to face!

I bet you there's a new file created right now for me under "lunatic fringe."

# # #

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