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I'll always associate the disaster of Hurricane Sandy with the American election while waiting for the nor'easter to make the picture complete. Sorry, kids, but if you don't like what I write, move on to another blog. Better yet, don't buy my books - you may THINK! And laugh. I do poke fingers at EVERYONE. No one's unscathed. Yet, I digress...
Yes, Zombie Americans. America has voted and the priorities have been set before us. The most important aspect is that pot's now legalized in several states AND women are the walking uterus. Only one woman from Bloomberg News wrote an article that she's more than a reproductive organ. What a hue and a cry! Not. Goes to show women prefer 65 cents on the buck and taking a back seat. (You'd get that anyhow regardless of Presidential candidates.) But, don't worry - you can get stoned, have unsafe sex, get an abortion afterwards at no cost and still work for 65 cents on the buck. Now, that's progress. Equal pay and equal rights is a 40 year old concept that outlived its usefulness. We don't need that anymore. We got REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS!

The other priority has been for gay rights. I see nothing wrong with gay marriage. I just can't wait for gay divorce! I wonder if that'll be as acrimonious as straight divorce. Either way, I hope gay marriages last longer than the current statistics with straight marriage. Which is why I'm single. I don't like long shots.

Getting back to the election, the majority of Americans were dancing in the streets. My sincere hope is the "R" threat made an impact on this President - it wasn't the slam dunk of 4 years ago. A lot of Americans are not happy with the past four years. But the current administration won, so I guess this is what America wants. And deserves.

For America has spoken last night.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong about what I foresee in the future, but something tells me I'm not. I spent 30 years on Wall Street predicting outcomes for companies and had a high rate of success. This was decades before those computer probability models. It doesn't cheer me at all.

Last night, I chatted with other real artists, not the Lady Gag-Gags - the commercial sell-outs - but true artists who'll survive the passage of time and taught in schools in the future. If education entails reading and thinking, not point and click. What struck me to the core is how we view the future. As artists.

Still, I enjoy being the dissenting voice. It's important to have people saying, "The Emperor is Nekkid" in order to wake people up. People get inured to the most outrageous situations and then believe it's normal when it's anything but normal. That's the true role of the artist. The artist takes the stand outside of the norm. It's in our nature. Like the scorpion and the frog. Perhaps that's not the right analogy. Does it matter?

In the time between world wars artists were dissatisfied with the political arena way before everyone else. They voiced their opinions and were spat upon, treated like kooks, with disdain. However, their influence through the creation of the Dada movement permeated the fabric of literature, art and society. Dada will rise its head again in Zombie America. In order for a society to function, this dissension is mandatory, although this round, very few will get it. Only time will tell.

Before I'm carted to the FEMA camps for my re-education program, I'll continue to write. In a perverse way, I'm glad for the outcome of this election even though either way, I'd still be the voice of dissension. Which is a polite way of saying I'm a kvetch no matter who or what leads our country.

Dissension makes me feel alive. Poking holes in craziness sharpens my wit. And being ahead of the curve, well, this round saddens me. Anyhow, my goal is to make you, dear Reader, laugh or think or even grind your teeth. Then I know my writing has impact. Although you may be too stoned to notice or care if you live in those states with legalized marijuana.

BTW - I believe all drugs should be legalized. As well as neural ports. Then we can live the Matrix existence in its entirety. That's what we want, after all.

America has spoken.

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