At the Bake House in Kauneonga Lake, NY

This ol' chestnut was published August 2012 in The Last Goddess Magazine, now defunct:

“The 7-Grain Challenge”
by Maura Stone

The Bake House at Kauneonga Lake, New York

The Editor-in-Chief, Bill Eggler, and I've had many disagreements about the validity of 7-grain bread. He doesn't believe it exists. I know better: for the past decade, I've sunk my fangs into one of the best multi-grain breads I ever ate, hands down. It's not like I'm a connoisseur: I just know what I like. This bread I love!

It's baked by Jane Axamathy, proprietor and chief baker at The Bake House in Kauneonga Lake, New York. In her former life, Jane was an illustrator for such luminary institutions, e.g., the Egyptology Department at the Metropolitan Museum and the Associated Press, topping that off as field artist for a pyramid temple excavation in Egypt. She parlayed her creative forces as an artisan baker who uses organic and high-quality products baked on premises throughout the day. Her breads are known throughout several counties, gracing several restaurant tables and sold like hotcakes at farmers markets in New York City.

In addition, Jane bakes a mouth-watering array of pastries, scones, muffins, tarts, croissants and cookies. She has also a breakfast and a luncheon menu which features sandwiches, freshly made quiches and home-made soups. Her husband, Matt Burns, is an organic farmer at the Beaver Dam Brook Farm in Bethel, New York. His fresh from the ground/vine/tree products supplement the choices The Bake House has to offer.

All I can say to Bill is that, in this one on-going debate, I won. As a matter of fact, I'm munching on a slice of Jane's 7-grain bread right now.

The next round with Bill consists of identifying the 7 grains.

The Bake House
10 Horse Shoe Drive
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749


U.Space said...

Sounds tasty, I never heard of 7 grain bread. What grains does she use? Does anybody else make 7 grain breads? Are there 8, 9, or 10 grain breads?

maura stone said...

These are all questions that plague us today. Thanks for bringing them up for others to ponder.