Happy New Year From The Wilds of Western New York State

Dear Readers:

Thank you for the success of this new blog! With over 16,000 readers in such a short period of time, something tells me you enjoy the roller-coaster of ranting, raging, kvetching and bullshit that constitute my life: whether it's fiction, sentimental or emotional. And yes, depraved.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the cast of characters that populate these posts (please forgive any omissions): My Dedicated FedEx Driver, Clove, Zippo, Gossip Girl, Monkey Boy, Customer Service at Merrill Lynch, Time-Warner, AT&T, Apple, NYSEG, Verizon, bad neighbors, Garam Masala, The Ex-Boyfriend, The Ex-Beau, Lunatic Fringes, and of course Mom and Dad!

Without these people driving me out of my gourd, there wouldn't be much of a blog, so here's a salute to them! 

Once again, dear Readers, I appreciate your return visits and hope the posts for the up-coming year will continue to entertain you.

May this New Year see the realization of all your dreams!

# # #

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