Hey - not everything in life is free. Someone has to pay for the donuts. 

I've donated over 5,000 pages of action packed delight for free on this blog. This is PAYBACK time.

Yes, it's that time of year - Xmas. I've 4 delights for virtual stocking stuffers. Should you purchase all my books, let me know and I'll name a squirrel after you. You gotta act soon, for there's a limited supply of squirrels available!

Don't turn up your nose on this infomercial. You may discover lots of strange stuff disclosed. Think about my blog postings... You never know where an embedded laugh may be found.

So here we go!!

Winner of 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for Comedy

5 Star Reviews from Midwest Book Review & Harriet Klausner, the doyenne of literary criticism

2012 Inductee to National Bathroom Readers' Hall of Fame

Funny as hell book that kept author sequestered for 10 years

Five-Star FLEECING is the ONLY satire out there concerning corruption in the high-end of hospitality. At the same time, Five-Star FLEECING breaks with literary convention by introducing a female protagonist who's NOT a victim of bad romance, incest or a broken heart. There's a reason why Five-Star FLEECING got awards and literary acclaim! Discover why and laugh your way through Linda Lane's antics of gaining retribution from an unscrupulous boss. 

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And now we get into the really trippy stuff:

After 8 years of online research, author Maura Stone created a series of comedy ebooks addressing edating, the FIRST comedy ever about this pervasive industry that redefined American culture:

eDating The Old School Way

First 5-Star Review!

Hilarious and a joy to read.
This review is from: The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men (Kindle Edition)
Maura Stone is a Godsend. This book is well written, well laid out, honest and thought provoking, even though it's billed as comedic. It's a bit adult as it contains sexual content, but that shouldn't, and ultimately WON'T deter most men, all of which are very visual creatures. It's a fun, revealing look at how men present themselves and just absolutely brilliant. As an author myself, I can't help but say if you're in the market for a fun, charming book that delights the senses, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.

5/5 stars.

eDating the Old School Way is a compilation of 6 (SIX) ebooks including the following no longer available separately:

 Men, eDating and Mast*****ion** is THE primer book for WOMEN (but men love it as well) based on a best-selling dating advice book. Men, eDating and Mast*****ion** explains why women never go out on dates with the wonderful men they meet online. Hint: it could be the punchline - guys are too busy jacking off!

**Guess what? If you write "Masturbation" in its entirety on a book cover, press releases don't get published! Imagine that!

eWomen are Lunatics is the 2nd ebook of this humorous edating guide and pretty much describes why men meet so many crazy ladies. Psst: it could have something to do with jacking off to webchat.

The common complaint from fans about eWomen are Lunatics is that it hits painfully too close to home. GOOD.

eWomen are Lunatics has been such a hit, the comedy podcast, SOJ did a special section on their show! Check out Episode 11. You can listen to it in its entirety or press the button to 44 minutes. Look at the nice display they did on their website: SOJ  

Reviews  (44:00)

eWomen are Lunatics (eDating Advice from the Bubbameistah) by Maura Stone 
It's a terrific book of dating advice from your Yiddish Grandmother. Surprisingly hilarious!
Of course you should date online, you're such a catch.

Follow Maura Stone - @MauraStone on Twitter and at her Blog
Grab an copy on Amazon. 

You read ebooks #1 and #2 and thought you were amply warned about the pitfalls of online dating. Not so! A NEW threat's in town:

Author Maura Stone discovered, while coming up with the concept for this ebook, that therapy may be the very next step. In this Special Edition, the elements of Zombie Men, eDating and Mastication eerily resemble that of the book it's based on!

Still, an enjoyable read for those zombie addicts. And yes, masturbation's addressed as well although not as much fun as one can imagine.


Outside of eDating Comedies comes a ROMANCE:

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Chock-filled with political intrigue, historical tidbits, outdated French slang and a relationship with a man who helped orchestrate a revolution that changed the world.


And, now for something COMPLETELY different!

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Best Erotica of 2015!

A little something something for those who love porn bondage comedies. Yes. Comedies. 


So, there you have it. 4 books you can give to friends, relatives, neighbors, that bizarre woman down the street, the kid with the tatted spider on his forehead, the woman who binge eats late at night as well as for yourself.

This is a wrap, folks!

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