Kiss - Keep it Simple, Schmuck Hit 15,000 Readers!! WooHoo!

Thank you, dear Readers, for helping to achieve this milestone! 15,000 frequent flyers in a few short months is a big deal. Outside of the expectation that this day would be the demise of the universe as foretold by the extinct Mayan civilization. Upon reflection, perhaps this monumental achievement on this special day may be the demise of the universe. Regardless, this happens to be one giant pre-Christmas celebration.

It also goes to show that there're discriminating readers who enjoy a crazy-ass blog showcasing some insane shit best left in one's thoughts.

Once again, I'm grateful for your patronage and look forward to future posts designed to entertain you. Or, at best, to annoy the shit outta you so much so that you'll even purchase my books to make me STOP!

How can I say it? I WUV YOU!!!

# # #

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