New Year's Resolutions

With 2012 coming to a close, I reviewed the list prepared in 2011 and compared it to the events that occurred over the past year. Surprisingly, I achieved a lot of my goals.

The list's a way to get measurable results of what I want in life. You know, those dreams and desires harbored deep down. Well, I learned how to go about realizing those dreams (for the most part anyway) when I was younger and part of a cult, a transformational one. We even had our special language, something I balked at, being a relative purist in English. At any rate, despite a decade of taking seminars as well as donating free support, they threw me out because I posed too much of a distraction to their Nanu Nanu members by chronically disrupting the seminars and meetings with my hilarious non sequiturs.

Now you know who you're dealing with!

Which always amazes me when people believe they can mindfuck and/or manipulate me. Especially men! Oh boy, don't get me started. A pretty smile and bonhomerie and right there these guys mistake my kindness for weakness, my politeness for obliviousness. They've NO IDEA I'm onto them. What they don't understand is that I give them a wide berth to fuck up. And when they do, I'm done. Although, since the creation of this blog, I do rather enjoy writing about them as it's ample entertainment. I call it, "Closure."

I studied with the black belts of mental masturbation for over a decade. Long before I was thrown out, I turned my back on those few who grasped how easy it is to manipulate people to do anything they want them to do. They did so with a heavy hand and iron fist. With enough finesse and brutality as a frontal lobotomy.

I found and still find it revolting. Today, I watch what people do, put in my two cents to see whether they even bother to listen and, invariably when they don't, I walk away.

Sometimes, if men get really nasty about the break-up thing, I give 'em all that good transformational technology in one shot. Trust me, you'd NEVER want to be the recipient of that! Mom often complained I used an elephant gun to swat a gnat.

Knowing what I'm capable of doing, I don't bother for the most part. Yet, certain guys want to push that envelope, believing I'm a big talker. Oh boy. Let's say they didn't expect what I can dish out. I'm addressing those shlubs: I did warn you NOT to poke the bear!

Getting back to 2012 New Year's Resolutions, I was astounded to see some of my more outrageous desires were fulfilled:

  • During the past year, Five-Star FLEECING sold over 10,000 copies!! 
  • I published 5 ebooks - 2 of which won awards!!
  • Started this blog mid-April which now has nearly 16,000 readers!
  • My ex-boyfriend didn't make a fine tattooed leather coat from my flesh

Keeping this in mind, I've spent the past few days writing my 2013 Resolutions. This time around, I'm not going to be vague at all. One thing I noticed, vague decisions result in vague results. From previous experience, every time I added a quantitative figure with a specific date for the result, it fucking works. It does!

That was the appeal of the cult: some of the nanu nanu shit they spouted was true. Which always leads me to believe that we're blips in a virtual game. Let's think about it: you write down on a piece of paper you want a targeted something to occur in detail by a certain date & it happens? 


Okay, I'm being simplistic as there are certain actions which should take place for these things to occur. Yet, overall, this concept is mind-blowing. Which was why I was hooked for such a long time with the cult and their seminars. It gave me a structure from which to build my dreams. And yes, dreams do come true.

Happy 2013 to all. May your positive dreams be realized during the year!

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