R I P Pip

My close friend, Michelle, possesses a very large heart. A year ago, she found this stray kitten, took her in and named her, "Pip."

I named her, "Pip, The Suicidal Cat." For Pip was a bundle of energy and did things no cat would ever do. Well... I'm more a dog person so that prior statement may not be correct. At any rate, I witnessed firsthand several of Pip's antics that compelled me to shriek, "WTF? PIP!!!"

  1. While Michelle opened the oven door and turned her back for a moment to grab the oven mitts to remove the turkey, Pip jumped right in. I almost stroked out.
  2. She dangled her tail on top of a candle flame until Michelle grabbed her to stop me from screaming in shock.
  3. Pip looked me straight in the eye and then proceeded to bite into my power adaptor while plugged in. I expected to hear a ZZZZZ. She refused to budge from my customary, "WTF? PIP!" so I threw a pillow at her. As retaliation, she jumped on top of my keyboard ruining my blog post.

There were several other variations of the three aforementioned situations. I asked Michelle, "Does this cat have a death wish?"

I'm allergic to cats so I didn't bond too much with Pip. I did, however, bond with the Benadryl that Michelle kept handy for me. It didn't help as my eyes itched and my nose immediately got stuffed. One thing I learned about cats, though: they're perverse animals. Yet, Pip kept her distance from me until I acclimated. Then, while I slept in the guest room, she crept in and gently laid down across my face to smother me. I woke up, face full of fur, screaming, "WTF? PIP!"

Each time I visited, Michelle and her daughter, Nahlaa, played all the time with Pip. During Thanksgiving, Nahlaa teased the cat with a laser light. I never knew a cat could jump that high. Michelle grabbed her to cuddle while murmuring, "My lovely Pip." She struggled for freedom. She may have had that bad cat attitude and acted aloof, but I knew she liked it because she always returned for more.

The other day, Michelle came home to find Pip dead. She was devastated. As was Nahlaa. The only thing I could say, outside of the obvious that Pip overplayed her nine lives, is, "That cat had a wonderful life with you guys, a home filled with love and food."

Take care, Pip. May your afterlife be filled with live electrical wires, hot ovens, candle flames and other incendiary devices with no one to yell, "WTF? PIP!" 

# # #

A Christmas Tribute to All Cats from Nahlaa Calabrese.

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