I'm Done with Dirty Little Secrets in My Town

Last night, at my Town Hall meeting, I stood up in front of the 7 elected officials of my town and 13 attendee residents and stated:

"Sorry for bobbing around back there." I kept fidgeting over two hours seated among the other residents because I couldn't read the elected officials' lips. They've microphones that they refused to use. Fuck knows why. "I'm nearly 100% deaf and couldn't hear what you guys were saying. But I'm here right now to put on record that I've a complaint."

At that moment, seven smiling faces shot daggers at me. Oh, they knew what I was up to! I was going to make it known to the community at large that I'm no one's patsy.

For some reason, they think I'm rich (go figure) and eccentric because I prefer my own company alone rather than socialize with them. The truth of the matter is, despite my neurological deafness, I don't want to socialize with them. Period.

Then, I did the unthinkable: I complained about one of them. Publicly.

"Your Highway Department Supervisor came to my house in a Town truck during working hours, hours he gets paid for with my taxpayer money to extort money from me."

If looks could kill, I would've been in a pool of blood by then.

"I used to like the guy, but I don't like being put in that kind of situation." I really don't. Hell, I even blogged about it: Link to Country Living Ain't What It Used to Be

Continuing, I said, "I opened my door and he pushed his way right into my kitchen to demand money. I told him I only had a dollar and eighty-one cents."

One of the residents yelled, "Why did he ask for money?"

I responded, "That's not of importance. He parked HIS issues at my door. Then he told me I can write a check out for cash."

The Town Supervisor said, "We're investigating this matter and thank you for making it public record."

I added, "I'm deducting what I gave him from my sewer bill. He did demand money in his capacity as a town employee."

That was last night at 9:30pm with only 20 people in the room.

This morning, at 9am, I went to the post office. The guy working there said, "You were a bad girl last night."

"How so?"

"You should never have made it public about this guy. He hit me up for money too. Twice. But since he never repaid me the first time, I refused the second."

I went ballistic.

"No one is going to push me around. I sent the message loud and clear if anyone wants to fuck with me, there'll be consequences."

"But he's going through bad times. You know, paying off heroin drug dealers." Purportedly the reason for extorting money from everyone in town.

"That's HIS fucking problem. Not mine. He should've gone to the police and DA's office."

The guy said, "You're right for so many reasons for what you did, but you should've kept it between you two."

"Fuck that shit. I'm done with this town's dirty little secrets." I then got a second wind. "Besides, I'm being stalked by a prominent member here. He thinks it's only a matter of time before I succumb, go down on my knees and open my mouth. Not any longer. I'm gonna let EVERYONE know!"

Yes, I'm done with this town's dirty little secrets. Whoever heard of being ambushed by an elected official for money?

Wait - did I actually write that?

# # #

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