Rules of Social Media - Who Knew?

Let me tell you, I'm a magnet for lunatic fringes. Too bad they don't buy my books, I would be rich.

I checked out my FB page where there were comments about the prior day's blog post, A Week Vacation with Boyfriend... Day One. Even though I've a locked down personal FB account, I allow a lot of people whom I don't really know on my page. They make their comments about my blog posts there instead of on the blog. I wrote that particular blog piece about the 2nd Amendment and guns and rifles and thought it cute to use my boyfriend's visit to segue into that topic.

Well, one guy took offense at one statement in that blog post where I wrote about people in my community, "Yet, for all those licensed guns, we don't have murders here. We don't have shooting sprees. Many are hunters who abide by the law. There are tons of laws about hunting wildlife, the type, location and time of year."

This guy wrote and I paraphrase, "How about this that occurred in your town which you failed to mention," and posted a link to a newspaper article from 2008 where a hunter from QUEENS shot at a deer 400' from someone's home twenty miles from where I live. It wasn't a murder, it was an accident. His errant bullet went into the home and mortally wounded a child.

I wrote back that I meant LOCAL hunters. I spoke to my boyfriend, seated next to me on his laptop, working (some fine vacation for him), "This guy took what I wrote out of context. I wrote about the local hunters. This article's about a hunter from QUEENS who shot at a deer near a residence. That's illegal."

Shit like that chafes me. It makes me wonder about this guy who spent time to fact-check a fucking blog post. Still, he found one article from five years ago in his attempt to discredit me and he still wasn't right because it didn't pertain to LOCAL HUNTERS!!! Once again, it was about someone from 120 miles away who illegally hunted.

The local people, hunters, laugh all the time about the deer on their property seeking refuge from them as well as other hunters, knowing they can't be shot at because they're near residences. Hell, I got an entire family of deer hanging out on my lawn. The deer ain't stupid here.

"Ignore him," said my boyfriend.

"I don't want to get into a dialogue with him," I said. "He's nitpicking. If he's against guns, that's ok. But this is plain stupid. Yes, accidents happen, yes, a child was killed. But he took it out of context." So, I deleted both his comment and my response.

Within seconds, he re-posted his comment on my FB wall. I shrieked, "WTF? He reposted it."

My boyfriend sighed. In retaliation, I posted on HIS FB wall my response about how the article doesn't pertain to what I wrote. Then I blocked him.

"I got a feeling this guy's obsessed with being right," I explained to my boyfriend, thoroughly engaged in tweeting.

"How do you know him?" he asked.

"Someone local."

Suddenly, my twitter account pinged. The motherfucker put his message there. I groaned. "This is weird."

"Ignore him."

"I bet you he's next gonna hit my linkedin account." Sure enough, he peered at my profile.  I checked my website email. He sent three messages and I learned something.


Who knew?

He sent me this email:

Facebook, your blog, Twitter is for engagement and for sharing ideas. If as a writer you are so offended by ideas different than your own, then you should not post and ask people for comments. I have been attacked mercilessly myself online by right wingers,  but I don't block people unless they resort to namecalling or making it personal. 

Wow - I had no idea that I MUST cater to people's opinions as cock-eyed as they are simply because I'm a writer. The beauty of social media is I've a choice what I want posted on MY personal pages! What makes it even funnier is this guy never bothered to read my FB timeline where my friends attack each other mercilessly over differing points of view, where I act as referee with time-outs!!

But, he has a point to make. It means the world to him to make this point on several different websites where I've accounts. I've no idea why, except, perhaps, to make me W R O N G.

Oh boy, another lunatic fringe.

I'm learning fast and furious by people who don't purchase my books that because I'm a writer I must cater to their coveted opinions. I've gone down this road before. If, at first, you don't agree with what they have to say, and mind you, as a writer, I MUST AGREE, then, they attack you on all fronts.

While writing this blog, my boyfriend said, "The more you thwart him, the more emboldened he becomes."

Now he tells me that?

Well, guess what? This blog is FREE entertainment. The only comments I've deleted have been spam or personal comments by people I know. And his. Because, at this point, I knew it would irk the shit outta him for not allowing him to piggyback on my hard work to get free endorsement for his company. No fucking way.

My boyfriend informed me as well there's a word for that: trolling. I've another word, "Obsessional."

This guy tweeted me several other times to chastise me that I'm not adhering to Social Media 101. Nice to know there's a book out there. Perhaps he wrote it?

He followed that up with a tweet to let me know he hit my page. Predictable. Because I didn't post his ferkakta comment, he's out to destroy my livelihood.

Well, after I blocked him on FB, I notified my friends of his goings-on. This is the stuff they love. Especially when some of them know him! They read his comment prior to my deletion and said, "What is this guy talking about? It's not even tangentially about what you wrote!"

They debated back and forth about him, his mental acuity and ways to thwart him, evoking images from Godfather I.

There was one high point. He added hundreds of new readers overnight to my blog.

Ultimately, as my boyfriend informed me, he gave me notoriety!

# # #

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