Someone, Please Hold Me Back!!!

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WTF is wrong with people today? I'm not talking about the youngsters; I'm talking about people around my age, in their 50's. Are they trying to emulate the youth of today or only now do I see them for the morons they truly are?

I became increasingly aware that several of my so-called peers are idiots after my brother died on March 15, 2011. For the month preceding his death, I posted daily on FB his status. Luckily, so many people sent heartfelt wishes and support I was blind to the ones who didn't.

Only after Matt passed away and I notified people on FB about the funeral and arrangements did I receive a spate of FB emails from those who didn't respond to my posts. They all contained the same message:

"How did he die?"

No, "I'm sorry for your loss," or "My condolences." Not a word. Not even the patina of respect.

Oh boy.

I was upset. Out of my mind upset. I just lost my kid brother. He died while on the phone with me, right after he said, "I love you." Imagine my grief and then receiving messages like that!

In retrospect, I admire the great judge of character Matt and I had at such an early age. Those were the same people who we never liked. I'm glad we never wasted our time on them. Goes to show what miserable motherfuckers they really are.

Needless to say, I blocked each and every one of them.

I recognized one trait these motherfuckers possessed in common: they support whatever sophomoric cries of outrage plastered in the newspapers without giving thought to ramifications or the true circumstances behind a situation. Notice the operative words, "Without giving thought"?

My brother and I chatted in great length about this over the last four years of his life. We couldn't get over how simplistic these people are. It was like the synpases misfired. Matt had a kinder, gentler outlook than I. Then again, being terminally ill, he waxed philosophical about a lot of things looking at the bigger picture.

The same day my brother died, I received nine notices from a local restaurant about their upcoming seasonal opening for April 1. It was bad enough via FB, but the FB emails pinged on my iPhone. The reason for NINE notices is that every family member sent out a notice to each person in the community on their FB page. They're quite active on FB. So, I know that perhaps one out of the nine people might have seen my posts for the duration of a month about my ailing brother. Not to mention the numerous posts about his death and funeral. But that didn't deter them! They just had to let me know nine times (actually 18 counting the iPhone messages) that their fucking sub-par restaurant was going to open on April 1.

Disgusted, I sent one message back to the owner:

How about researching a bit before you blast email. My brother died yesterday. I'm in mourning. Your place is the last place I ever intend to go.

I may've been a bit harsh. Still, having an entire family friend you on FB, people who live around you, who know you and your brother, with a ferkakta restaurant that you supported, you'd think at least ONE person would have the decency to send me condolences?

No fucking way. In a twinkling of an eye, nine people immediately unfriended me on FB.

Oh, don't you worry: I've kept my word. I've never set foot in that shithole of a restaurant since then. Each time any of those motherfuckers see me in town, or even while walking on my street, they glare at me. Because I had the temerity to tell them I wouldn't frequent their restaurant.

So much for societal niceties.

Luckily, a few days after my brother passed, I no longer received any additional FB messages inquiring as to how he died. My neighbors flanking both sides came over and with grace and kindness extended their condolences. Several childhood friends contacted me grieving his loss.

So, it took me by surprise to receive a FB email today from a woman who grew up with us. Our families were close and got together frequently: our fathers were best friends who worked together until their respective deaths within one year of each other and our brothers kept in touch over the years. When I didn't hear a peep from her throughout my brother's illness, after his death, I waited. She, as well, was quite active on FB posting pictures of fucking dogs all the time. After a generous one year grace period, I kicked her off my FB page.

This is the touching FB email I just received, almost two years after my brother's death:

    • Hey Maura - how have you been? Just heard about your brother not to long ago - what happened?

Notice something besides the fact that she doesn't know the difference between "to" and "too"?

Yeah, no condolences whatsoever. This from someone who knew my brother since we were five.

And this is what I wrote back:

  • Considering I posted on FB three times a day every day for a month that he was dying, he died.
  • Customarily, people offer condolences before they pry out how someone died to sate their curiosity. Just saying.

As you can see, I used diplomacy and tact in that response. However, if that bitch were in front of me, she'd be thankful I hid the knives.

# # #

PS: The day after I wrote this post, received ANOTHER FB email from that moron. Besides the blatant lie, STILL NO CONDOLENCES!!

I don't always go on facebook - guess I missed it - sorry I bothered you - just saying.

Someone, please hold me back!

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