I Cried "Wolf" Once Too Often

This pic has nothing to do with the topic, but when I googled 'boyfriend' I kept getting Taylor Swift references.

Last night, my two close friends from childhood took me out to dinner. They're teenage sweethearts who married while young and still together. While admirable, it's common here as my small town is well known for its mating for life marriages.

Over the past century, this quaint village transforms each summer into a resort with bungalow colonies, seasonal renters, day trippers and second-home owners. The boys and girls who played together during summers wound up marrying each other. Even locals and summer people intermarried! All those offspring married others with whom they spent summers. And so on.

I didn't realize this until the advent of the accursed Facebook aka FB.

It was shocking to see the amount of long-term marriages from people in my community. It must've rubbed off in my family and others as well here since my parents were married for 40 years and my brother, until his death, for 32. Perhaps it has something to do with the water as there's hardly any divorce in my neighborhood.

This struck home, especially since I'm one of the few remaining spinsters. At least no one can accuse me of being that strange ol' cat lady. That'll never happen because I'm allergic to cats. But, being strange, well...

It must be tiresome for my childhood friends to listen to my on-going sagas about my romance of the month club. They don't bother remembering the guys' names for it's one after another, a succession of losers. Like zombies, I've a steady stream of lovers. After a while, though, they all resemble each other.

My friends earned their seats in heaven after listening to this for years on end. Or, perhaps, since they've been married for eons, they can sigh in relief knowing the grass is NOT greener on the other side. Being single, although far better than with bad company, at an older age is hard.

Let me clarify a point here: it's EASY to get laid today with attractive men because bedding a MILF (regardless of being an M or not) is in vogue. That's not the issue. It's relating to someone else and to have a comfort level where you can just be yourself.

That, for me, is the most important aspect. Because I never feel comfortable with any of these men: I grind my teeth and walk on eggshells around them. Which is why my current relationship with my current boyfriend is special, not ideal, simply special. The odds of meeting someone with whom I'm totally at ease are quite small. Toss in the fact we met on twitter and it's a miracle we're so compatible despite the distance. Not to say that we don't work at it - trust me, we do.

Last night, I stated, "My boyfriend-"

My friend, Mark, interrupted me. "Wait - is this someone new since the last time we met for dinner?" That was a mere three weeks ago. Before I could respond, he corrected himself, "Yes, now I remember, the same guy."

It has been the same guy for nearly 9 months. With painful realization, I recognized that I finally overplayed my hand. I put myself in their shoes and imagined being the recipient of countless stories over Y E A R S, dulling the mind beyond belief. Waterboarding would've been easier to endure.

All I know is this boyfriend better have staying power. I fear, should we break up, my friends may stage an Orient Express on me rather than hearing about ANOTHER one.

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