When a Public Radio Station Fucks its Listeners - UPDATE!

This has to be the third time where I wrote about a situation in my blog when LO AND BEHOLD it becomes screaming front page headlines. Click Here to Read my complaint.

In this case, I complained about a local renegade public broadcasting company and my issues, namely pot smoking in the main control room and taking donations from the community to spend in another state for another radio station, neglecting the community.

The General Manager of the station, threatened by my big mouth, 'fired' me as a volunteer and threatened me from visiting that rundown dump of a station with trespassing.

When someone goes to that extent, you know there's a lot of shit going down he doesn't want anyone to know.

Well, according to today's front page local newspaper article, the General Manager of the station and its board went quite a few more steps and violated the Corporation for Public Broadcasting rules. No fucking surprise there! No wonder why they refused to allow me access to that radio station!

Finally, the volunteers woke up and clamored for the General Manager's blood. They called for his resignation as well as the Board members.

I just shot him an email:

"What goes around comes around. I didn't have to do a thing. HA HA!"


# # #

PS:  Subsequent to this initial post, I've received scores of emails from the volunteers because the General Manager resigned. Suddenly, these same people who avoided me like the plague for one year as if I had leprosy, need and want my voice and my assistance to set the radio station's board members on the right path. 

Of course, I'll do it, being the jerk that I am. Yet, something tells me that after I help them out, they will descend like a pack of wolves and stab me in the back. 

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