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In the past, I published a five-part series and then threw in a special holiday edition. This was combined into one book which addresses online dating and the ONLY comedy about this topic, mocking edating advice and tips. Okay, let's be real, it's about common concerns: webchat masturbation, catfish, scammers, getting laid without vomiting, avoiding zombies, the art of condoms and finding true love on the internet.

The Bubbameistah, a feisty know-it-all, doles out terrific advice to avoid the pitfalls of internet dating, predators and general mayhem to the heart, mind and wallet, the downside to internet dating where the probability of meeting a loser is just as high as the possibility.

First 5-Star Review:

Author Joel Krupa: 5 Star Review!

"Hilarious and a joy to read"

Maura Stone is a Godsend. This book is well written, well laid out, honest and thought provoking, even though it's billed as comedic. It's a bit adult as it contains sexual content, but that shouldn't, and ultimately WON'T deter most men, all of which are very visual creatures. It's a fun, revealing look at how men present themselves and just absolutely brilliant. As an author myself, I can't help but say if you're in the market for a fun, charming book that delights the senses, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.

5/5 stars.

So, run out and purchase your copy! The Bubbameistah does know best:

"Is the shtupping you're getting worth the shtupping you're getting?"

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