Being a Contrarian is Just the Way I Roll

You gotta love this man - FEARLESS!

Here we go again! Call me a contrarian. Hell, I AM a contrarian. I can see it now on my epitaph:

The ONLY person in Sullivan County, NY with all her own teeth

A true contrarian, hated by all

At any rate, I want to discuss why I won't support gay rights. But not out of homophobia. Out of a stand against Sharia Law.

WTF am I talking about this time?

Let me talk about how Sharia Law over the past 30 years has snuck into the law dockets in America. This is not conspiracy theory inasmuch as I adore it. This is fact. I'm not going to put it here - you do the primary research. Your jaw will drop. One extreme case:

Several states decreed it acceptable 35 years ago to remove an underage Muslim girl's clitoris and labia, a practice usually conducted by mothers and grandmothers using rusty knives, only if a licensed doctor performs the surgery. It's called genital mutilation.

Yep. Check it out! Correct me if I'm wrong. Only the past decade Americans are trying to amend those laws. But, let's be real...

At any rate, this blog post will make me very unpopular. Or perhaps it will make me NOTICED and then perhaps you, dear Reader, will BUY MY BOOKS!

I digress...

As some of you may recall, I live in a remote, isolated rural area. For some reason, we've a huge gay and lesbian population. One day, a few months ago, while hanging around with a group of gay men and women at the local cafe, cracking jokes, I turned around and asked them, "What do you think of Sharia Law?"

"Sharia Law? Who cares?" said one guy.

I shot back. "You should care! Under Sharia Law, being overtly gay is punishable by execution. A gay act may constitute flogging and imprisonment."

"So what? We're living in America. This won't happen here."

"Tell Europe and Australia that!" and I laughed. "The world's rapidly being Islamified and it's being done here. But they're clever about it using our liberal ways against us - any dissent against the Muslim religion, against Sharia Law and you're an Islamophobic."

That blew up into an argument. Sure enough, I was a dirty Jew who hated Muslims. The gay crowd strongly upheld Islam and Sharia Law.

"So let me get this straight," I said in conclusion in front of the gay community. "You support a religion with laws that execute you for being gay rather than be deemed Islamophobic."

And this is why I don't support gay rights. Again, I'm totally for gay rights, but you will NOT see me signing any petition or demonstrating or standing on a soapbox. I don't support any community that doesn't support its way of living in fear of not being politically correct. The moment I see the influential gay community in the streets of Detroit fighting for abolition of Sharia Law, I will join them.

The way I see it, gay rights will be short-lived, a blip in the history of humankind. For once Sharia Law's underway in this country due to the Liberals who believe holding hands and singing Kumbaya will make terrorism float away, it'll be all academic. I got my own vested reasons as I'm a dirty Jew. Under Sharia Law, I'll be executed along with the gay community and Christians.

This blog post also explains how I'm a contrarian, hated by all. Someone said to me last week, "You're like a mirror, reflecting ourselves, pimples and all."

I like that.

A lot.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see anything hateful or even wrong with with your thinking! My daughter is gay and she won't even TALK to me about what's happening with the present government.

All she sees she says is that thanks to this prez she will feel no longer feel like trash and that she could be able to marry her long time partner.

Anything else and she becomes ballistic with me and won't talk to me for ages!

maura stone said...

Thank you for your support of my blog piece.

I feel we've come such a long way and to see all this eradicated in barbarism in one fell swoop is nauseating to say the least. We need leaders from all groups to make sure Sharia Law's not enforced in this country as it affects everyone gay or straight.