How to Beat at Their Game or How to Read ANY KINDLE BOOK WITHOUT PAYING!!

Here we go again with

Embedded in this post is one method of how to read my books (or any indie author for that sake) for free from After all, they claim I don't get sales when I get sales, so why should THEY reap the financial rewards of my hard work?! If I'm going to be fucked, it might as well be by an appreciative fan.

Somehow, that just doesn't sound right. But, you got the gist of what I meant.

I blogged a few times about how cockblocks my reviews. Hell, they even ADMITTED they pull this kind of shit in the November 2012 Forbes article (

In my case, amazon's punishing me by refusing to post reviews. That's their retaliation for fighting them for my royalties.

Yes, I'm a bad bad victim. BTW - FUCK YOU AMAZON! Thanks for stealing money from me!

Let me explain how amazon rips off the indie writer (A top literary agent told me in secrecy the same is done to traditional writers where his primary role devolved to fighting on a daily basis about purchases and failure to pay royalties.):

  1. If a novelist (like me, for example) uses their subsidiary, createspace to publish soft covers, here's how amazon makes money on top of the fees they assign:
  • When an order comes in for 1 book, createspace doesn't just publish 1, they publish several. They're full of shit when they say they can publish precisely one book, according to their staff.
  • Those extra copies find their way from falling off the back of the createspace truck to 3rd party merchants who sell the books for half the listed price, thereby undercutting the author once again.
  • The author doesn't get paid any royalties from the 3rd party merchants who are related indirectly to createspace/ empire.
  • The author has no way of knowing how many direct sales from createspace orders because there's no way to audit to find out whether there were sales and if so, how many.
  • A footnote: createspace used to provide detailed sales reports including email addies of the purchasers so I knew who purchased the hard copies of "Five-Star FLEECING." This practice was halted during 2010.
  • In my case, I had copies of purchase receipts from fans who couldn't post reviews. They contacted me and claimed I never had those sales. 

2. Kindle sales:

  • Oh, what a beautiful shell game amazon has here! Talk about being fucked up the ass with a stick. The author's totally dependent upon amazon/kdp for everything: sales, downloads & reviews.
  • Since amazon/kdp can't be audited and there's no way of knowing when you have sales unless the fans contact you directly, the author's fucked.
  • And, KDP can NOT be contacted by phone, only by email. Unfortunately, English is a second language for these employees and rarely do the good people from KDP understand what's written in English. Which is puzzling considering KDP is a format for writers. I'm fluent in French, but my Urdu and Hindi's rusty; I do know several words in Punjab, e.g., bindar. Still, it's a terrific way to keep the author far away from ever receiving their royalties or book reviews.
I don't even want to get into how amazon rapes the author so that the author receives barely anything on hard copies. And, should amazon deign to pay the author for kindle downloads, the purported 70% magically turns into 35%, not including the download fee that's adjustable to megabyte.

The ONLY way I know of my sales when amazon tried to convince me I had 0 sales for 3 months is due to my fans. They love to contact me. I was humiliated to ask them how they got access to my books when amazon reported I had 0 sales for 3 months. Even more humiliating to find that amazon REFUSES to put up excellent reviews of my books. I had to fight them for 2 months to get 1 review up due to the persistence of one fan, a real pit bull.

Well, sho' enough it happened again! Author Joel Krupa, writer of erotica and horror, purchased The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men on April 18 through his wife's kindle account. On April 19, he put up the following review:

Author Joel Krupa: 5 Star Review of "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men:

"Hilarious and a joy to read"

Maura Stone is a Godsend. This book is well written, well laid out, honest and thought provoking, even though it's billed as comedic. It's a bit adult as it contains sexual content, but that shouldn't, and ultimately WON'T deter most men, all of which are very visual creatures. It's a fun, revealing look at how men present themselves and just absolutely brilliant. As an author myself, I can't help but say if you're in the market for a fun, charming book that delights the senses, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.

5/5 stars.

I had no idea of the purchase or the review until he contacted me via Facebook. I asked him where he purchased the book and he said, "Amazon."

I checked my Reports under KDP as this is a kindle product and guess what? No sales. I checked my sales ranking and it shows nothing. Stumped, I contacted via phone because there's KDP can only be contacted via email.

I asked, "Why is it that I've a sale and am chatting with the person who purchased my book, but according to KDP, I've no sales?" and this is the email I received back from KDP:


I received a request to contact you as you're unable to locate a purchase on your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sales report.

I've checked your sales report and found there were sales made on your account. I checked on the Prior-Six-Weeks and Month-to-date for the month of March and the sales show.

The sales report information displayed in your KDP account may change depending on a few different factors:

     - the day you view the reports
     - the number of sales in the displayed time frame (including the entire month and previous month)
     - sales which do not complete due to customer payment issues
     - orders purchased as gifts, which are not considered complete until redeemed

With many customers using payment methods which pull funds directly from their bank accounts, some sales may also take a little more time to complete in our systems and appear in your reports.

To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit:

I hope this helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP.


Sipho M.

Of course, I went ballistic. I wrote back to Sipho M: 

No, a Mr. Joel Krupa purchased my book 2 days ago, "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men," and according to my KDP sales report, I've 0 sales. I've got his credit card receipt. WHERE'S MY MONEY????

I said to Joel, "I don't get it. They don't give me my royalties, but they publish your review. Since I'm not making a penny from this transaction, I strongly urge you to get a refund."

That's when I went a little berserk. For amazon published a review of my new book! One of their prior excuses for not publishing reviews of most of my work is that the person who put up the review didn't purchase the book. But, here they published a review of someone who did purchase the book, or didn't, according to them.

WTF is their story now? It's so fluid, it changes with the wind.

Oh, what a tangled web amazon weaves when they're out to bankrupt authors for their hard work!

In an insane pique of rage where I went batshit crazy I sent Jeff Bezos, CEO of the corrupt institution called the following email to his 3 email addys I'm privy to having:

Mr. Bezos:

I'm a squeaky wheel. I'm anyone's worst enemy even though you never heard of me. But, if you whisper my name around Bank of America, you'll hear a shriek...

I've been selling my books on & even used It's a losing proposition for me because amazon doesn't report the sales I get. Yes, some. But, luckily, I'm such a damn good writer, my fans contact me through my website. And I'm always taken aback because, according to your createspace & kindle reports, I don't generate sales. Unlike what my fans tell me and they're just as incensed as I am that their good money never finds its way to me, the person who spent 10 years writing "Five-Star FLEECING."

I fought your customer service in 2010 and 2011 with names & dates of purchases for "Five-Star FLEECING." In retaliation, your office doesn't publish reviews. Rather, POSITIVE reviews after fighting for my royalties which I don't get outside of being raped by your KDP select.

I had to BLOG about one situation to get one review up, actually it's the last positive review. People wonder why I sold so many books, ~ 7-8,000 on KDP Select in one day and only received 14 reviews. But that's neither here nor there.

So, now I had a sale that I know of by the day after publishing "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men." It was from Joel Krupa, an author. This is his review:

This review is from: The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men (Kindle Edition)
Maura Stone is a Godsend. This book is well written, well laid out, honest and thought provoking, even though it's billed as comedic. It's a bit adult as it contains sexual content, but that shouldn't, and ultimately WON'T deter most men, all of which are very visual creatures. It's a fun, revealing look at how men present themselves and just absolutely brilliant. As an author myself, I can't help but say if you're in the market for a fun, charming book that delights the senses, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.

5/5 stars.
Inline image 1

He contacted me yesterday through Facebook and told me he purchased my book through you guys, but according to my kdp report, I had no sales. I have no sales ranking. I contacted KDP who side stepped the issue. It's 3 days now & I told Joel to go ahead and report a refund because there's no way amazon will EVER pay me for this sale.

This is only one situation I know of - but, after 30 years on Wall Street doing quantitative analysis while analyzing corporations (I'm rather known for exposing Enron as well as other corporations for things that simply don't add up), there's a high probability this is NOT an isolated incident and that I'm NOT alone.

Before this blows up and trust me, I've got nothing to lose as an impoverished disabled author, I want a full accounting of every book I've on amazon/createspace. I want an audit. And I'll match the emailed receipts from my fans to what you'll give me. 

Wouldn't it be simpler to just PAY me my deserved royalties? Publish the positive reviews I receive? Do you really want me to go down this road? 

Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP. Once again, I wouldn't dismiss a desperate disabled woman whose back's against the wall. You should read my blog.


Not even an hour went by when I received the following email from KDP:


I reviewed the previous correspondence and I'm sorry for the incorrect correspondence you received.

I checked our records and your Sales report and verify that your book "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men" ASIN:-B00CE1GPLG has not sold any units yet.

Thanks for your understanding.

If you need to provide us with more information about this issue, please Reply to this e-mail.

Otherwise, did we answer your question? Do you have another question? Use the appropriate link below. You may need to copy and paste the full link into your browser:

Yes, you answered it:

No, you did not answer it:

I have another question:


Kindle Direct Publishing

Isn't it nice that admits its corruption?

Mind you - I'm outraged by what I know of and shudder to imagine what's going on without my knowledge.

To recap how to rip off since they rip off their writers, purchase a book, any book. Read it that day and up to 2 days later and then DEMAND a refund you never received the download. 

Simple. Okay, no bells or whistles. Still...

Trust me, you're not ripping off the author - amazon did that at the onset.

Trust me, by the time amazon gets wind of this blog piece, they'll prohibit me from any sale!

Perhaps this post will finally kick off that class action lawsuit.

# # #

Unlike, SMASHWORDS.COM is an honest outfit. They let you know your sales by distributor the moment they're notified by sales (I opted out of portion) and keep you in the loop about turnaround time, distribution and payments. 

Not only that, I wrote several times to their customer service who's FLUENT IN ENGLISH and they responded in less than 24 hrs with cohesive sentences, fully addressing the issues!


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