*** 30,000 READERS! WOO-HOO***

It's a special occasion - KISS has hit 30,000 readers. Oh my. The pressure's now on to do better, to titillate, to excite, to provoke outrage, hysteria and laughter.

Instead, I'd like to brag a bit: my publishing house, Written in Stone, has just signed a new author: Cheri Blossum. Cheri's an interesting gal with a sordid past. It's a long story how we met, but Cheri sent me a manuscript rife with typos, grammatical errors and whatnot. Still, I was captivated for it's a romance/erotica story unlike ANY out there.

As you can tell by reading my blog posts, I'm attracted to the outrĂ©. As long as they're arm's length, of course.

What makes her novel, Secrets & Seduction unique is Cheri's take: as a former porn star in the 1990's, she knows firsthand what authors of erotica only imagine. She brought to the story an authenticity that can't be denied.

Let's say it was a powerful combination of the two that made me wade through the mess of a manuscript and sign her on. Since then, I've spent all my time revising her work which accounts for the similarities in style.

Without doubt, I'm sure you, dear Reader, will enjoy Secrets & Seduction which has a little bit of something for everyone. 

Secrets & Seduction should be out soon on ebooks throughout the world. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

Hell, you might as well try out my own books listed on the sidebar with links to purchase!

Thank you again for this wonderful milestone.

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Mister Hoover said...

I'm going to assume Cheri's a dude. You know how I am. :D

maura stone said...

If you didn't you wouldn't be you. ;)

Mister Hoover said...

I'm not really me - I'm just faking.

maura stone said...

Ah, now we're waxing philsophical.

Mister Hoover said...

I'm more of a waning kind of guy.

maura stone said...

Prefer that any day over whining.