I'm Fucked - Thank You Medical Profession

I was thrilled two (2) months ago when I got the name and phone number of the leading neurotologist for my rare neurological hearing losses who happens to be 2 1/2 hours away. I had a seizure February 17, 2011- let me clarify that - during a final job interview, a train went through my brain. I suffered agony for months, nearly murdered by a stupid ENT who gave me steroids to which I was allergic, and mistreated by the same ENT for over a year who then told me she had no idea what I had.

That's because she had to sign disability papers. The bitch mistreated me over a year, took MY FUCKING MONEY and that of my insurance company and then admitted what I had was so rare, she had no comprehension of what it is.

But that ain't all, pals: Oh yeah, I was told I didn't have a stroke although I lost my sense of smell and taste (unless it's putrid) and my tongue's been numb since then as well.

To top it off, the stupid bitch told me that my problem is that I'm mentally ill. I'M MENTALLY ILL because she didn't know what I had????  If I knew that she didn't know what I had and continued to let her insult and mistreat me, then I would be mentally ill.

Despondent, I didn't go to any doctors for a year. And then went back to another ENT at the same practice because his people insisted he understood SSNHL and hyperacusis.

Fucking asshole didn't. THEY LIED.

So, I finally got through some people in NYC and found the specialist to treat me. I gave his office manager all the information about my regional health insurance and the guy who set up the appointment there two (2) times told me not to worry, it's all covered. I reconfirmed two (2) times over two (2) months for the appointment and then today, a week in anticipation, phoned again and GUESS WHAT THEY SAID!


Needless to say, I broke down. The guy didn't work there any more and guess what? They told me it was MY PROBLEM they lost my appointment.

I fell apart. For this is what I suffer with 24/7:

  • Constant Ringing (tinnitus) in two different frequencies, one dull and the other loud and SHARP
  • Sleeplessness because of constant sound going through my head
  • Pain like ear infection pain 
  • Sensitivity to all sound which inflicts pain, nausea, loss of equilibrium, blackouts
  • Vertigo - nonstop
  • Lack of equilibrium
and let's not forget:

  • Inability to hear people correctly
  • mono hearing
  • inability to understand music
  • intolerance towards all sound which includes PAIN
  • lack of sonar
  • inability to distinguish between sounds
  • no taste/smell ability unless it's putrid
  • numb tongue

To be mistreated and abused by the medical community, hell, I WISH I had cancer. That I know will get me better treatment.

So, I went nuts on this motherfucking office with the specialist. And it turns out that unless I have $600 IN CASH they won't see me.

I'm fucked.

# # #

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