Introducing Cheri Blossum & her New Novel, Secrets & Seduction! INFOMERCIAL TIME!!!

I'm proud to present Written in Stone's very first signed author, Cheri Blossum, and the publication of her first book, Secrets & Seduction.

Imagine Dangerous Liaisons colliding with 50 Shades of Gray and there you have it! 

Secrets & Seduction is part thriller and part erotic romance. Oh yeah, part parody.

One man. One woman. One Dominatrix. One Catfish and One Parrot.

Cigarettes. Whips. Chains. Bunsen Burners. Strap-ons. 


Secrets & Seduction

Janet met a nice guy online. Nothing prepared her for what happened next...

Secrets & Seduction

Written by a former porn star of the 1990's, Secrets & Seduction is the next upload from virtual into reality. 

Right now, Secrets & Seduction is sold in soft cover through the publisher, Feel free to make a paypal payment of $14.95 including shipping and handling (continental US only) and allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

One very happy reader!!

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Mister Hoover said...

I wish him much success.