UPS - How many times do I have to call to get a simple delivery????

Over 53% of recent college grads can't get work and over 25MM Americans are unemployed. You'd think anyone who does have a job today covets it and does the best work imaginable, right?

No fucking way.

As a matter of fact, the higher the unemployment rate, the more constricting the job market, the more incompetent people are. Which defeats any kind of logic 'cause it's an employers' market out there - they can hire PhDs for pennies!

Which brings me to my current kvetch:

Friday I receive a call from the local UPS hub 10 miles away which went into my voice mail because I no longer hear my ring tone - it seems to fall into my deaf zone. Even though my audiologist insists my hearing has remained the same with the same impairments. Soon, I'll see a specialist for my specific hearing disorder because it's rare with some strange results. At any rate, I played back the message several times and deciphered that UPS can't make a delivery of a package from L'Oreal.

I've been a make-up tester for L'Oreal over thirty years in exchange for free products. Almost all of them I give away except for skin care. This time, I awaited a package for recent tests about marketing and promotions that was held over five days. I earned those damn products!

The woman at UPS gave me a phone number, a tracking number and asked that I call her back for my 911 address. That message nearly killed me getting all those numbers down. Finally, after a few times misdialing I got her at UPS.

"L'Oreal put down your post office box, but we need your physical address to make delivery." I live in a rural area where we don't have mail delivery.

I gave her the address.

"You should receive the package by Monday."

Of course I didn't receive a thing. I went online Tuesday afternoon, plugged in my tracking number and lo and behold got a notification to call UPS at once.

I dialed the number and got another woman who immediately yelled at me, "What the hell's wrong with you? Don't you want to receive your package?"

I yelled back, "I phoned here Friday and gave my address to another woman. How many times do I have to call UPS?"

She said, "Give me the address and I'll make sure you receive the package tomorrow."

I gave her my address and then added, "I hope so because I don't like calling UPS more than once for a simple delivery."

Wednesday morning, I checked the delivery status online and it said end of day. At 7:30pm, I called UPS and asked them to define "end of day" and got the supervisor.

He said, "Your address doesn't exist."

I looked around my house, out the windows at the lake and said, "Shit man, I've been living here for nearly 60 years. Glad you told me." And then I went off. "How many phone calls do I have to make to get a package delivered only 10 miles away? Is this the first time you ever had a package in this neck of the woods?"

He read the address out loud and in the middle said, "Holy Shit! Someone crossed out the correct address and put in a fictional one. This was intentional AND I KNOW WHO IT IS!"

That's when I flipped out. "I can't believe it took 3 phone calls and almost a week to get a fucking package delivered from UPS. You know, there are over 25 million unemployed Americans and I bet you can find a college educated one who would kiss your ass to have a JOB! Here you have two incompetents who not only fuck around, they do spiteful things and THEY STILL WILL HAVE THEIR JOBS!"

The supervisor sincerely apologized. Several times. I'm not mollified. It rankles me that these motherfuckers have a job, a job where they get to abuse people. It rankles the shit outta me that I'm subjected to inferior service and a simple delivery has to become major drama!

I'm supposed to receive the package today. I'm not holding my breath.

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Mister Hoover said...

Their competitor, FedEx, isn't particularly better. The drop box at the corner isn't reliably checked on a daily basis. Apparently, there's a disclaimer in the fine print that states the driver may or may not pick up packages depending on whether he or she damn well feels like it and you, the customer, can just suck it.

maura stone said...

No argument there. But with FedEx, I got other benefits. Might have something to do with the last 2 words of your comment...

Mister Hoover said...

I'm not willing to go the extra mile for that kind of service.