Why I Hate the TV Show, GLEE

Sorry for the relative silence. As some regular readers have noticed, I've been quite quiet for the past month. Well, this is what happens when I'm in the throes of a big writing project now that eDating the Old School Way is published.

I adored writing that series, a compilation of 6 books that address the weirdness on the web for those in search of love, romance, sex and mind-fucking. It was fun to write, especially since the advice, albeit hysterical, is solid. I didn't have to worry about character development or plot.

This project, though, throws me way back to when I had a job and the only time I could fully address non-stop my first novel was through two one-week vacations. I lived and breathed the book in my creative element. For some reason, I'm going through that same process which I LOVE with this project.

That's why I had to post this piece about Glee. 

I follow several tv shows to get the feel of what's hot and what's not. And this show irks me, always did and I couldn't put a finger on it until the other night. Mostly because I've hearing issues, but that's neither here nor there.

First and foremost, I find it pathetic that tv shows aimed at teen-agers have them emulating adults like Pretty Little Liars. The girls in that show are way too cool - they're smart, trendy, hey, they even have a few lesbian characters! Their romances are more adult than certain tv shows targeted for adults. I have difficulty following the plot. Perhaps it's me, but that show almost cured my insomnia.

Glee, though, is a positive outlook in that the show keeps the teenager a teenager and not a mini-me. Having lived most of my life in Manhattan and two years in San Francisco, I was rather shocked to find through this show that Ohio had such a massive gay/lesbian/transgender population. Not to mention all that singing talent. But, I digress.

I find it hysterical that popular tv shows today highlight gay/lesbian/transgender characters, yet the proportion of African-American characters is still dismally low (except for that wonderful show, Homicide). Glee took care of that: they now have a transgender African-American since the only other African-American student graduated, a stereotypical big woman with a great voice.


Let me get this straight: in Ohio, it's predominately white people sprinkled with one Latino, a huge rainbow community and 4 African-Americans (let's not get into those characters!). Considering there're only 6 million Jews in the entire world, I find it funny so many of them landed not in New York tri-state area, but in Ohio.

As a Jew, I find the show highly offensive as each one seems to fall out of mainstream. Rachel Berry comes from a gay Jewish household. Should the Jews not be gay, they're fucking around as exemplified by an African-American kid with a Jewish father.

What grabbed me by my fictional scrotum is this character in NYC, a burnt out Broadway star and Rachel's nemesis of sorts who calls her "David Schwimmer," and all sorts of depictions instead of saying what she really wants to say: Dirty Jew.

WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE WRITERS? Is this supposed to be funny?

Today, you can't insult the rainbow community, minorities, the mentally challenged (yes, there's a character in there as well!), the handicapped (Yep! Glee has it all), but it's okay to insult the Jews. Well, it is okay today to go on mass media and call Jews, Jew Bastard or Dirty Jews. That'll never change.

Still, the writers get to say the nastiest snarkiest shit through a few characters, totally un-PC and that's OK.

WTF is going on with this show??? I feel bitch-slapped each time with this coyness. The people behind the cameras laugh behind our backs: Let's be all PC and cool about gays, gay rights, transgender issues, the plight of the handicapable but we'll show how we REALLY feel through some despicable people's rants. And, to make us more loveable, don't forget to fuck over the JEWS!

But, WAIT - that's not what really incensed me!


Glee is not the only show culpable of this - it's a trend in other shows as well. It's malicious and insidious. It's a portend of our future.

It showcases idiocy, stupidity and ignorance and calls it BRILLIANCE.

That gets to me more than the other shit going on in this show.

Now, you may be reading this and saying to yourself, "What the hell's wrong with this woman? Doesn't she have anything better to do? And why is a mature woman watching shows aimed for teenagers?"

Perhaps there's a joke endemic in tv, but, as a comedy writer I don't get it. As a satire writer of contemporary society, I see something even more heinous.

Here's the deal: TV is free, available and an inherent part of our culture and our lives. Even more so now that it's on the internet.

TV shows reflect us and our society at large. If you watch a show from twenty years ago, they mock gay characters. Independent women were a rarity and those shows with single working women were groundbreaking. If you go back even further, African-American characters were far and few between and even so as stereotypes.

I'm interested to see how the future generations will be molded through this current mass media propaganda. Oh yes, this is brainwashing of the best kind.

When a concept becomes socially acceptable, like gay marriage just recently, it's integrated into the culture and becomes de facto, the norm over time. Just like women getting voting rights, just like African-Americans getting their civil rights - unthinkable then, yet the necessary next step for the evolution of a civilized society.

Which is why I chomp at the bit with what's going on. I find it perverse that STUPIDITY and MEDIOCRITY are embraced in these shows. In Glee, there's a character who enjoys her ignorance. They have this idiot branded as a GENIUS with early admission to MIT. This is not the only show. Flip through the channels. You'll see what I mean.

It's pervasive. And a glimpse of things to come.

PS: Notice I didn't address Glee's music?

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