Be Grateful for Everything

To those readers of this blog, most of you know that I suffer from rare neurological deafness conditions (they used to be called symptoms but were upgraded. Pretty soon they'll qualify as diseases) that pretty much has crippled my lifestyle: SSNHL and hyperacusis. The bottom line is that I can't be near a lot of sound as it hurts me.

As a result, I rarely go out because the few times have me reeling in pain. I also don't watch tv except for a few shows for a limited amount of time. So, all the news I get is online and I'm selective as to what I read.

I focus on local and world politics and pretty much am unaware of celebrity news unless it leaks into politics. Or because someone shoves it into my face. So, I'm totally unaware of the latest crisis to hit the newsstands:


First off, I have no idea who the hell this woman is, considering I don't watch much tv and I don't follow celebrity news. I do know her name because, for some reason, she's at the butt end of every twitter joke for the past several months. Doing research, meaning I googled her name, I found out she's a middle-aged Southern woman who's known for her recipes and had a few cooking shows. From this, she created an empire worth $16million.

Paula Deen's downfall occurred when a former disgruntled white employee filed charges of racism, sexual discrimination, hell everything BUT the kitchen sink at Paula Deen and her family. But the worse thing she accused Paula Deen was saying the "N" word!

HOLY FUCK! Quick - throw the racist bitch off tv!

On second thought - name ONE white, middle-aged Southern woman who HASN'T said the "N" word? The "N" word racist issue is a concept that came into prominence thirty years ago in a middle-aged person's life. It doesn't excuse their actions, but I'm sure in the past 30 years Paula Deen must've become aware that uttering the "N" word won't win her any awards.

Which brings me to another point:

Why is it that Paula Deen's being eviscerated yet, YOUNG people who shouldn't use the word because the "N" word is verbotem do? Not only that, no one can say the "N" word unless they're African-American (don't you DARE tell me that's not uttered in public between African-Americans, something I habitually heard up until I started to lose my hearing 2/17/11) YET it's totally acceptable to call a Jew a "dirty Jew" on media, in the dirty Jew's face and in print.

You can see I got my issues as well.

I don't give a shit whether Paula Deen has committed these HORRIBLE acts. What I do find disgusting is her sponsors immediately threw her away without even waiting for the litigation to conclude:

Caesar's Entertainment
Smithfield Brands
The Food Network

I've a few questions that require answers:

1.  How many minorities have Paula Deen hired in her empire? 
2.  Once Paula Deen's empire has been destroyed, can any of her former employees get jobs?
3.  Can CNN, ABCNews and the aforementioned corporations who skewer Paula Deen say the same about their employees and their companies?

Now, I firmly believe in equality of one and all. And I examined the corporations to see who they are to cast the first stone:

Caesar's Entertainment

To Americans with ADD, Caesar's Entertainment is a GAMING company. WTF? GAMING? Dear friends, that's betting. That's G A M B L I N G. Not only that, this squeaky clean company built from people's addiction to gambling was founded by mobsters.



Tell me, how can a company founded by criminals and crooks, now laundered into acceptability into an addict's paradise drop Paula Deen? Is it because not one of these founding crooks or management, as reputable as they are to rake in the money from gambling addicts have never uttered the "N" word? Never displayed an iota of sexism? No, mobsters KILL people, promote prostitution, drugs and G AM B L I N G. But that's okay for they dropped sponsorship for Paula Deen!

Smithfield Brands

Okay, stupid Americans - Smithfield Brands is being purchased by a Chinese conglomerate. All I can say is, ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT!!

The Food Network

The creator of this was one of the founders of CNN. Need I say anymore?

After one disgruntled employee (out of how many people does Paula Deen's empire employ) destroy her, tell me, how many people will lose their livelihoods? I mean, we have such a robust economy, I'm sure everyone will bounce right back, right?

Not that I condone any racism or sexual discrimination, but I'm not a moron either. This happens ALL THE FUCKING time. People, in general, are idiots. Even if Paula Deen is guilty as hell, why should this have a residual effect of destroying innocent people's lives - the employees who have jobs with Paula Deen's companies? What do you think will happen to their lives in a flatlined economy? For that is what shall occur. 

Fine the bitch, humiliate her, make her go through a frontal lobotomy and anti-discrimination classes for the rest of her life, but do not dismantle her empire because, in so doing, you punish everyone.

As they say in the Bible, those without sins should cast the first whatever. Okay, I don't know my Bible, but I do know HYPOCRISY!

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Greg Malakoff said...

I disagree with you on the last statement that I'm sure was partly said in jest. I don't believe she should be punished at all. Sadly, she already has. The picture I put up on FB was of her crying. The media can't feel good about themselves until they make her cry and reviled by all. The whole thing makes me think of Nazis. Now even the liberal Jews will go after me for using that term. Maybe I could alleviate that anxiety if I use the term, Nazi like. But in order to understand something you need to know it's origins. Which was the purpose of the Holocaust museum in the first place. But now, it is forbidden by the assholes running our society to use the term to discuss societal bullying. Good blog. I enjoyed it.

Andrew Gottesman said...

Sorry Maura, I can't share your sentiments. I not only don't give a shit about what she said I don't give a shit about her period. She adds nothing to the discussion of what is important and is a proponent of excessive calories to a level unhealthy for even the slimmest of folk. She's a public person and, similar to Tiger Woods, Alec Rodriguez, Michael Richards, Jimmy the Greek, Mel Gibson, Don Imus etc., etc., and etc., your public either rewards you handsomely or destroys you completely. Her sponsors compensate her well because she makes money for them. They don't, and shouldn't, reward her for negative publicity. All those organizations are public companies with boards of directors and shareholders to account to. To do otherwise would be negligent. Paula Deen is a victim of her own inability to comprehend that arrogant stupidity has it's consequences.

maura stone said...

Thanks, Andy, for your opinion. I love dissension. Honestly, until you wrote about her food, I had no idea what it was. I see your point of view. Yet, political public figures have really not suffered, like Sheldon Silver and Vito Lopez who have done WORSE. But that opens up another can of worms. Another time.