Gotta Get This Offa My Chest - GOP or Dem?

I used to be a Democrat back in the days. Well, up to four years ago. All those years, the Democratic Party sent me flyers, newsletters, emails, phone calls almost daily to let me know what they're up to and where they envision the future. As well as slamming the GOP. That was fun - they slammed the GOP hard in almost every piece as if the media couldn't do that on their own. Still, I couldn't turn around without a Dem crawling up my ass.

Then, I changed parties to become an accursed "R," the contrarian that I am.


The Dems dropped me on a dime. And the GOP never contacted me. I never heard a peep from them. No newsletters, no emails, no phone calls. I felt that my Republican Party vote didn't matter. Or, they left me alone because they thought I was a traitor to the cause.

In four (4) years, I was only contacted ONCE. ONCE. I received an invitation to a meet and greet of my Republican representatives. I was so overcome with joy that after four years I was contacted, I attended.

I also had another agenda: I wanted to use my non-existent political affiliation to get some sort of writing job. Due to my rare neurological deafness, I'm quite incapable of being around people.

Well, the meet and greet was interesting. The back of my head blew off from the noise and I ended up standing outside, nabbing people exiting for cigarette breaks. If there were thirty people at this event, that was a miracle in and of itself.

I remarked to someone who I knew, "Did you notice that there's not a single person who's under 50 in this group?"

She nodded. "Yeah, we're a small group in this part of New York State."

I could see why. If you don't bother to communicate with your voters, ahem, well, that's an indication right there that something's not right in the GOP. Could it be disinterest or disenfranchisement? I didn't bother to ponder.

Except for a handful of people, I was snubbed by mostly everyone. It could've been my tattooed arms and legs, my hefty bosom spilling from my dress or the fact that I asked outright if there were any local writing jobs that I can do.

Only my Congressman and his team were receptive. I told them I had 30 years' Wall Street experience as well as my current writing background. I even met one on one with a member of his team who clued me to a potential writing job in the local Republican Party.

It turns out that all writing jobs in the local Republican Party are sewn up with one person according to several someones in the local GOP. The guy writes one article and disseminates it to newsletters and blogs. I submitted my resume, but I guess they weren't interested in a fresh voice. Or perhaps it's because I write porn in my blog. At any rate, no one contacted me to let me know the outcome of my job submission which is predictable given the track record of outreach from the GOP over four years.

Upset, I reached out to my Congressman who is the only person who directly corresponds to me and within a few hours. He's a top notch guy, a true American hero and intellect rolled in one, and I don't want to link his good name to mine so that I may not tarnish him. I mentioned to him that I was only contacted that once and he suggested that I go to FB and join my local Republican Party FB page to 'stay plugged in to what's going on.'

I really like the guy and know his intentions are honorable so I can't malign him. But, that suggestion made me stagger back. WTF is going on - the Dems chased after me and I have to chase after the GOP? That could explain why the GOP's shrinking fast.

So, the good girl that I am, I went on that FB page. The one which they hired some guy to populate, the same guy who's paid to write one article that's disseminated throughout the local GOP newsletters that I never receive and blogs that I don't know about because no one has bothered to notify me.

It's a piece of shit page and outdated with nothing new for a couple of months. I have to read the local Democrat newspaper to find out what the local Republicans are up to. Pretty sad state of affairs. Hey, my own timeline in my FB page is more germane and timely than what's going on in the local GOP FB page.

Which leads me to a decision: Should I rejoin the Dems because they reach out to me to keep me informed even though I don't concur with their point of view or stay with the GOP who doesn't give a shit about me?

Talk about conundrum!

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