Life is Like Sudoku

In 2005, I was introduced to Sudoku as well as other puzzles. My brain couldn't grasp the complex ones so I ended up with Sudoku although I venture from time to time with Kakuro.

I love Sudoku so much so I do a puzzle a day. Which reminds me how I used to do a New York Times crossword puzzle each day for thirty years until I got tired of it. Or perhaps got tired of stretching my mind for words. Which is rather funny for a writer.

When I was in India I brought along a huge book of Sudoku puzzles. They were mostly in the medium to difficult range. I like doing them in pen, the way I used to do my New York Times crossword puzzles. It's a perverse commitment - should I make a mistake, there was no backing out. Similar to the decisions I make in life.

My friend's wife saw the book and exclaimed, "I love Sudoku!"

It's just one of those things that has universal appeal. There were times we both worked on puzzles at the same time. When I left, I gave her the remaining puzzles to enjoy.

Over the years, I improved with Sudoku to where I'm at the highest level of difficulty. Although the definition of difficulty depends upon the editor. There are some Sudoku books that are so above my ability I'm lost at the onset. Then others where I knock them out in a minute.

For some reason, I've struggled over one puzzle the past two days. Struggle meaning I don't complete it in two minutes. In that case, I put it aside for the following day.

This puzzle got to me. Thwarted, I just couldn't seem to find the pattern. Today, out of the blue, I saw the key to unlock it and the entire puzzle unfolded.

That's when I got the epiphany that life is like Sudoku. I struggle and struggle to achieve something and nothing occurs. I put it aside to only struggle once again. Finally, something shifts, I get to see my way clear and with velocity I accomplish my goal only to hit another puzzle where the struggle starts anew.

Oh well, the concept seemed crystal clear while I finished my puzzle.

# # #

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