Anais Nin of the 21st Century

Call me an egoist, but I proclaim myself the Anais Nin of the 21st Century. For those who don't know who Anais Nin is, you can google her name. Some people may know the movie, Henry and June, based on her diaries. In a nutshell, she was a writer who lived in Paris in the 1930's and 40's, a friend of Henry Miller.

Destitute, she wrote erotic literature for pennies.

This is where I feel a link.

First off, I rewrote Cheri Blossum's breakthrough novel, Secrets & Seduction. It's an erotic novel full of porn of all sorts: rough gay sex, real bondage (not the 50 Shades imaginary shit), blow jobs and hetero sex. It also has a terrific theme which puts the porn into perspective. If I didn't read Anais Nin's Delta of Venus and Little Birds, Secrets & Seduction would be a mediocre piece of crap because I hopefully learned from Anais, the doyenne of erotica.
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When I read her short stories, I tasted Paris of almost a hundred years ago. The characters are still alive and vibrant: prostitutes, artists, writers, voyeurs, moneyed elite. I could see the Bois de Bologne, known to be a spot for cloaked homosexual encounters both then and today. Even though her stories were written for masturbation, they're truly a slice of life from someone living in that time period who knew firsthand these kinds of people and situations.

I infused Cheri's brilliant concept with my writing style, taking a page from Ms. Nin. I wanted to diarize today's social situation, a clash between internet and real life so that anyone reading this down the road could taste how it was in the simpler days of virtual reality.

Upon reflection, I should've put my name as co-author.

I did the revisions and rewrites on her novel for bubkas. That's because, as publisher, I get a few pennies from each sale. When the reviews came in, I nearly fainted. They're 5-star because of the good writing, solid characters and porn woven into a solid and intricate plot. The minute any reader finds out that erotic porn, the kind you jack off to is well-written, they walk away. Their intent is to jack-off, not to marvel at the story line.

I may emulate Anais Nin in that regard, but it's a kiss of death for American readers. I should've kept Cheri's manuscript the way she wrote it filled with errors galore. We would've had a blockbuster on our hands. Not to be rude or insulting, that is.

The other reason why I feel like Anais Nin of the 21st Century is because I write for pennies on a website. You can only redeem the money when it hits $25. To date, in 2 weeks, I made $50. That's a whole lot of writing, considering each click is 1/2 cent. Of course, the site only demands 440 characters per piece. But, here you have a novelist who needs to have the arc of a story line, a plot. So, I kill myself for hours daily to earn $25 a week.

The frustrating part is that I don't need to work for pennies. There are jobs galore for copywriters, freelancers, web content editors, financial editors, you name it. Yet, all these jobs have strict parameters. Being an award-winning novelist, ghost writer of press releases and articles, content editor for websites, fluency in social media, editor for several novelists and professional financial writer just doesn't fit with what these corporate morons want, as follows below (taken from their ads):

BA in Communications, journalism, English
5 years in a corporate environment, preferably an advertising agency or newspaper writing copy.

Some jobs include video editing and html population of websites which doesn't make any sense for anyone who's a professional WRITER.

Not one of these recruiting motherfuckers can think out of the box. I have over 2,000 rejections from companies that advertise for months. Either these jobs are phony or perhaps they simply can't find anyone who fits their mold.

Even better, there's no way I can compete for online jobs for web content. I found out that everyone's a writer no matter where they're located, driving down pricing. It's good to have a competitive marketplace where "whilst" is a common word, "it's" instead of "its," "there" instead of "their" or "they're." You know the old saying: you get what you pay for.

Then, you have people like me who have to write for pennies.

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Greg Malakoff said...

So you're saying there has been no adjusted rate for inflation since 1930? Man that sucks.

maura stone said...

Ha ha ha!! Let's say it went full circle. Think about what was going on in Europe in the 1930's and 40's and what's going on in America.