Helen Thomas Dies at 204. No Great Loss

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When I heard that Helen Thomas, the anti-Semite died, oh yeah, a journalist known for toeing the line and rocking journalism by saying, "Thank you, Mr. President," I was upset. Not that she died, mind you, I was upset that she lived to 93 for it proved my father's saying, "Evil lives long, good dies young."

In wake of a trial where a Hispanic/White guy shot to death an African-American and found not-guilty, racism has flared up all over the US. A calculated media move to have Americans focused more on their prejudices and racism than the fact that 10 million illegal aliens will be naturalized and effectively bump out 10 million jobs for the lower waged spectrum of America. (I can't say that because it's racist.)

But I digress.

This trial has ignited people to new heights of anger. I'm angry as hell as well because I've been trained like a good little white girl to do whatever I can to eradicate whatever prejudice I may have whether or not I harbor these bad sentiments about other whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, handicapped, Muslims, cultists, mentally ill, nudists, idlers and goat worshipers.

Trust me, I don't endorse any prejudice or racism. Hell, my first book was written out of DISGUST for blatant racism. My anger comes from the fact that due to my skin color, I have to go through a brainwashing process. I resent that.

I've been walking on fucking eggshells my entire life that I, a woman who has done nothing but be conscious of every word, every action that I take even in my sleep for fear that I may be considered a racist and/or prejudiced (even in this post I demonstrated this as I lumped these disparate groups together and will receive hate mail from goat worshippers), I've had my teeth kicked down my throat.

Because, in this PC world, it's okay to hate Jews.


I've heard whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, handicapped, cultists, nudists, idlers, mentally ill and goat worshipers say, "Dirty Jew" to my face and I have to suck it up.

Oh, by the way, I'm a TRUE minority. There are only 10 million Jews on the entire planet.

I can go on and on about this, but I want to say one further thing before you read the article. A good friend posted an Australian video which was banned. It showed adults followed by their children while doing heinous actions like smoking, drinking, racial slurs, attacking, etc. and their children imitating them. I was quite moved at one scene and had to comment so the world, at large, can see I harbor anti-PC thoughts:

I especially like the quote, "Go back to where you came from," the Helen Thomas quote to Jews. Why aren't Jews running amok from that and rioting? Why? Because it's okay to tell Jews to go back to the ovens in Germany, but it's not okay to say that to any other group. PERIOD.

This is what I wrote and copied to twitter which earned me the venom of haters globally:

Helen Thomas Dies at 204. No Great Loss.

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You want to get a coconut from a coconut tree? Shake it!

I responded on twitter to the NYPost that Helen Thomas, a noted journalist, was an anti-Semite! O M G

Every anti-Semite fell off the coconut, ahem, NUT tree condemning me for calling her an anti-Semite. When I read their bios, I realized they're not exactly pro-Jews. They're quite virulent anti-Israel which is the new form of being an anti-Semite without having the cast of being a hater because they hate a country, not the individual. But it doesn't hurt killing the Jewish citizens in the process, right?

I guess they want me, as well, to join my family members as ashes in the death camps if they have it their way. That's pretty much what Helen Thomas, the noted anti-Semitic journalist said. And yes, I paraphrased.

If I said to African-Americans to go back to their country of origin, I would be hung. That's racist. That's hate talk. But, it's okay for someone to say that to Jews, especially when they were murdered in those countries for having the audacity of being Jews.


And there you have it.

Perhaps anti-semitism will bind the world once again as it did during WWII. The only reason why Germany derailed is they got ambitious and heady with their success and tossed in any dissenters or anti-social elements. Otherwise, they had a good thing going with global support.

# # #

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