Maintaining the Status Quo

I live in a county in New York State that has 45% unemployment rate. Over the past 6 years, that rate only bumped up by a mere 2% because this is one of the worst places in New York State insofar as employment for there's hardly any industry here.

But, there are opportunities galore for a white middle-aged educated Jewish woman. There are schools, public and private that need teachers. There are organizations that need people well-versed in finance and/or writing. And there're banks expanding galore up here.

Fuck knows why.

The only thing I know is that none of these motherfuckers will hire me.

Part of the reason is that I sent out my professional resume filled with all the bells and whistles. In essence, in an area populated with GED supervisors, I'm a threat.

The real reason is that I'm not linked to the good ol' boys club regardless of political affiliation.

My neighbor suggested, "Why don't you change political parties back to Democrat? Everyone'll hire you then."

I doubt it. Again, I know it's who I am combined with the fact that I'm not part of the good ol' boys network.

I'm told to my face there aren't any openings in certain organizations. Then, they turn around and hire a relative or a stranger 1,000 miles away and pay for their relocation. I'm 3 miles away, would accept a lower salary, but fuck no!

Disgusted, I turned to my politicos. My Congressman, a Republican, responded to me the very same day. It could be that there are only 18 Republicans in the entire county so my email stuck out. Even so, there was nothing he could do as I'm not a construction worker or manual laborer.

Then, I was introduced to a County Legislator who was thrilled to have me come on board to do press and marketing for the county, her suggestion.

I'm kinda known for my own press and public relations. Singlehandedly, I've promoted my books to a non-receptive audience and managed, despite them, to get sales and notoriety. I've been in newspapers, magazines and radio (NOT blog radio). My articles are published in emagazines and blogs and have been plagiarized to the hilt.

I'm most known for pulling a practical joke last year resulting in being banished for perpetuity on Before It's News and other press release sites.

My county has one of the shittiest reputations in New York State. They're known for the highest unemployment rate in New York State, nepotism and the ol' boys network. This legislator agreed that I could turn around the county's rep through my highly creative press releases and constant marketing, something I've done non-stop for four years for myself.

With glee, she gave me her phone numbers and email addresses. I was euphoric! Finally, a break!

Fat chance!

She doesn't return phone calls nor emails. Once again, it was all for show.

And you wonder why this county has such a shitty reputation? They drive away anybody who could contribute to make this a wonderful place to live, to get families to relocate here and start companies even in this dead economy. But, it keeps in place the ol' boys network. And that's what counts.

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