Sex and Political Parties

I don't know whether I should exhale or wait until I get flattened again by google/blogger/blogpost. So, I'll blog as much as I can before they decide to close down my blog because they find it offensive or whatever excuse they conjure up.

Which is typical of what's going on in Amerika today. REPRESSION and SUPPRESSION of any point of view that isn't popular.

This is the new age of reverse McCarthyism: where anyone who does NOT espouse Liberal/Democratic and Communist platitudes like a bug-eyed peapod character should be vilified and destroyed.

Similar to what's going on in FB: any Conservative/"R" points of view are shut down. Yet, FB allows prostitutes and BDSM hookers (they're hookers if they shove a fist up someone's ass) to solicit sexual acts for money. It made me think...

In my DEMOCRAT community which consists of interlocking small towns over a 50-mile stretch, I'm treated like shit. I'm not permitted to enter certain business establishments because I'm a registered "R." I shit thee not, I'm not permitted in several business establishments and told to my face that should I enter, even to purchase their products, they shall call the police on me for trespassing.

I've had jobs purposely withheld from me in this community. I thought it was because I've 2 Masters degrees and the people I would have to report to have only GEDs. Yet, I found out it's because I'm an accursed "R" once again to my face accompanied with derisive laughter.

Word has spread of my disgusting, vile relationship with the "R" party. Overnight, I became a drooling Neanderthal - racist, homophobe, prejudiced, anti-women, gun-toting lunatic and anti-Semitic. At the same time, my brains oozed out of my ears. It's evident that these mongrels who parrot what they read in mass media have never heard of Jewish "R"s (or perhaps they do, but since they're not Jewish, maybe I'm contending with a subtle form of anti-Semitism) or moderate "R"s who are progressive, yet have firm beliefs like smaller government and a viable economy based on capitalism.

Strangely, I don't want the government to intervene in my life. I don't believe anyone has the right to tell ME how to conduct myself, how to lead my life, where I should go, what I should eat, whether I can have medical care and who to fuck. I don't want my government and the NSA to listen in on me while I have sex, take a shit or text my friends.


Someone the other day said I was a Libertarian. That's nice to know, yet one of the heads of this movement is a rabid anti-Semite. Well, actually everyone hates the Jews so I should take that off the table. Libertarians are a flunky party and no major pull. I'm going for the A team, not the C- one.

After I was ousted from another community event in which I'm the sole professional writer amongst hobbyists, my neighbor said, "Why don't you change your political party to Democrat so you can get work?"

Holy shit! I never told her what's been going down for the past 4 years since I moved here full-time!

All this led to some introspection. The roads to where it led have startled me: I re-evaluated people's political parties by the sex I had with them and this is what I came up with:

Democrats: By and large, something's wrong with these fuckers. One Democrat lover was an active alcoholic loose with his hands, meaning violent. My ex-boyfriend was a HUGE Democrat supporter and he was a sex slave bondage porn star for 17 years. Oh yeah, the sex was boring and felt like I fucked a dead man.

Libertarians: Another form of sick fuckers. The one I had sex with was from the planet Glypton. The sex was overpowering and at times I had to stop him to ask if I was the first woman he ever slept with. Yeah.

Liberals: Very selfish sex. I prefer to sleep with a Democrat other than this.

Communists: Why do they always cry after sex?

Conservatives: I never had sex with one.

Republicans: I had a long term booty call with a biggie in the "R" party when I was an accursed "D." He was a good lover - romantic, passionate and willing to please me any way I wanted. I enjoyed the sex with him. He did become unhinged when I decided not to sleep with him anymore and was rather too persistent. I had to threaten to out him to leave me alone.

Perhaps because I had a good Republican lover, or maybe it's my contrarian nature, but from now on I'm going to ask a potential lover his political party before I allow him in my bed.

In other words, Democrats/Liberals/Communists and Libertarians need not bother.

This is MY form of McCarthyism.

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