That WTF Moment

I'm going through a lot of medical issues over the past several weeks that have become real. The sad part is that I have to undergo some additional tests to ascertain whether I've a brain lesion. So yeah, I'm freaking out. It doesn't help any when I'm being taken to task on Facebook by a snake oil charmer.

I'm so annoyed by what occurred yesterday on a so-called support group, I wrote this little article on Bubblews:

Beware the doctor who dispenses "FREE" advice on closed groups on Facebook. A doctor who is so arrogant she doesn't bother to identify who she is. A doctor who is so fearful that someone will unveil her practice which rests on deceit that she will undermine the true specialists.

I stupidly joined a Facebook site where people who have 2 out of my 3 deafness conditions get to complain, share suggestions and generally mope about being dealt this bad card. When I posted, in joy, the results of my meeting with the specialist (without mentioning the possibility of having a brain lesion), of course, everyone joined in. 

Then, the snake oil charmer spent the entire time undermining what my specialist wrote. After I checked out her website, I understood. Because someone like me with the 3rd rare deafness condition, renders her practice useless. Because of what I have, all 3 conditions are incurable and untreatable. And shows what a charlatan she is. 

Today, audiologists are popping up with their own wellness centers promising hope to desperate people who have these rare deafness conditions. They can state that each person reacts differently and cite a whopping 30% improvement! All for $4,500 not covered by insurance! Then, stupid me, I throw in the wrench that clogs up the cog and I inform the people on this site that when you've a dramatic, acute hearing loss as I have, no treatment would remove the tinnitus and tinnitus is what happens when you've a pocket of deafness. 

To my surprise, some guy on the site defended her. He told me who she is and chastised me because she gets to market for free, I meant, she dispenses snake oil advice and said I owed her respect. That's when I lost it and put up this post:

In all due respect, I don't owe this woman anything. You want to know why? (1) She NEVER identified herself to me. As far as I'm concerned, she's another kvetch on this page suffering like all of us; (2) I haven't met with her F2F and she knows NOTHING about my medical history outside of the few crumbs I put here; (3) opinions are like assholes, we all have them; and (4) Now that I know her name, I'll be sure to research her as thoroughly as my neurotologist who, incidentally is a frigging neurologist. Incidentally, do you know the story of the 12 blind men & the elephant? Each man touched a part of the elephant and said, "An elephant is an ear!" The other person said, "No! The elephant is a trunk!" Then, a sighted person came along and said, "No, you're touching separate parts of the animal." Guess what - the audiologist is touching one part, the neurotologist knows the entire beast. I do not need your chastisement. In this vein, good luck to all, I'm done here.

BTW - I'm sure everyone appreciated Bernie Madoff's free investment advice and really made a killing when they gave him their savings!!

With a backdrop of ongoing drama, I've dallied a lot online as amusement. My friends and I are utterly addicted to the lunatic rantings and ravings of my ex-boyfriend's ex-wife.

She has no idea she has such a fan base! Every day we read the latest outpourings from that limited mind. The woman believes she's hot, an intellect and most importantly, serves a vital function as a prostitute. She believes prostitution redeemed her as a person.

At the same time, she doesn't believe she's a prostitute because she beats her paying clients, mostly men, rams a 10" strap-on up their asses, stretches their urethras and then milks them dry masturbating them while punching their testicles. Because she doesn't allow them in her body, she doesn't consider herself a prostitute.

She actually has the temerity to claim that BDSM is sex without sex!

Dream on, hooker!

She has written stuff that has us howling in laughter:

"I'm a sadist and proud of it."

"The difference between a serial murderer and me is that I don't remember whose blood is on my knives."

"Prostitution saved my soul."

My friends and I enjoy her idiocy, arrogance, ignorance and stupidity. She's quite prolific although the bitch can't write or spell to save her life. I kept asking my friends, "What's with capitalizing Me and My?"

"Duh," they responded. "She has a huge ego.

My incredulity knew no bounds when she put up beauty tips. The woman looks like death: hard, fanged, old, sagging and in bad shape like any street walker with 20 years' experience. I'm 15 years older than her and look 20 years younger. Why in the world would I use products to make me look like a hard, fanged, old, withered, saggy hooker? Why in the world would ANYONE want to look like that? Perhaps those are the true fetishists!!

We roll on the floor that this woman who has done nothing but prostitution her entire life is now a self-proclaimed intellect and posts science articles. Also endorses artwork by her johns. It's all quite entertaining. Even more so when she posts chapters from her memoirs.

Great. Now we get considerable insight into how an untreated mental patient views the world. I apologize in advance for offending mental patients. Upon reflection, her memoirs may become a bestseller for everyone loves a whore story. It makes them feel better about their own lives.

It's also hysterical in that Facebook has blocked so many Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Partiers from espousing their political views YET they allow this whore to solicit for paying clients. Yes, she's a whore. What's the difference between a happy ending at the end of a massage and a happy ending after being beaten, strangled, etc etc? None besides the fetish aspect and HER enjoyment.

I suggest we tell Facebook that she's a Republican and then they'll banish her.

But I digress...

We flip from her online insanity to her ex-husband's. That's another kettle of fish. Now that I know him for what he truly is, I'm astounded to ever find him attractive, let alone sane. Then again, for the past two years I've been afflicted with this rare neurological deafness which has affected my mind. Or perhaps it's the brain lesion.

At least I've these diversions to keep me from going over the edge. Although lately, reading the mental diarrhea of those two shallow and sick excuses of human beings no longer arouses any level of interest from me.

I subscribe to the Jewish existential mentality that we've one shot at life. While facing my own mortality, I can only say that I didn't waste this precious commodity.

# # #

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