Walking on Eggshells on My Birthday

by Sandy Skoglund:

I checked out my what I wrote about my birthday last year on my blog. It looks like I had a nice day. It was hot, sunny and beautiful out. And I got to putz around.

In comparison, this year, it's cold, overcast and rainy. I'm not in the mood to run around and play because I await the verdict about my brain scan.

After being dicked around for 4 months by greedy specialists, then greedy specialists and greedy specialists, I had to strong-arm my way to get an appointment. It's such a long story, I feel I may kill you off in the process.

The bottom line is that I finally got to see a specialist in this new field of medical science: neurotology. A blend of neurology with a dash of audiology and heavy on the otolaryngology. I armed myself with audiological test results which look like this:

And doctor reports. And a 3-page diary which consisted of chronology of events, symptoms of my SSNHL, symptoms of my hyperacusis and a half page of "Stuff that defies explanation."

As a result, the neurotologist said, "Some things don't add up. You may have a brain lesion."

I thought a brain lesion was a cut. Don't even ask.

She wanted me to get a CT scan of the temporal bone. That took 4 days and around 4 consecutive hours of phone calls battling to schedule. I don't even want to go into THAT, but let's say when Obamacare rolls out, it ain't gonna get better.

Yesterday, I had to ask the neurotologist's office whether they wanted a film or CD of my MRI. Another 2 day process to release my medical records. Oh boy. While on the phone, the nurse said, "We should receive the results of your CT scan tomorrow and the doctor will phone you to discuss the next steps."

I said, "Please do me a favor. Tomorrow's my birthday. Should the news be bad, I really don't want to deal. Have her call me Friday instead."

After I hung up yesterday, I realized I gave myself a whammy. Should the doctor not call, that means the news really is bad. And it also hit me that the way things are, should I not have a brain lesion, there's nothing the doctors can do because my neurological deafness conditions are incurable, untreatable and permanent. HOWEVER, should I have a brain lesion, well then there are next steps.

And it ain't good.

Today turned out to be some birthday.

To be continued...

# # #

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