While I'm still here: INFOMERCIAL TIME - It's Smashwords Summer Sale - July 2013

Yes, indeedy - time for a blow-out sale:

This little puppy for the month of July 2013 is 50% off! That translates to a purchase price of $3.00. Yep. $3.00

Yes. There are 5-star reviews of this book all over the web. Too bad they're not concentrated on one page.

Go HERE: to buy this AMAZING ebook! and at checkout add this coupon: SSW50

Now for the 25% off:

25% Off with Coupon Code: EG58X

That's from $19.99 from $14.99. Yep!

25% Off with Coupon Code AS92Z
Same savings: From $19.99 to $14.99!!

And, from my first signed author, Cheri Blossum:

To purchase click here 25% Savings with Coupon Code: YN92K
What is 25% savings? The price is $3.74. $3.74!

Remember, after July, the prices bounce BACK. Yep!

Also, check out my recent interview on The Catskill Review of Books - the first 9 minutes:

I'll keep you posted on my upcoming radio gigs as well. You gotta read the books to understand the inside jokes!

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