A Little Time-Out

Dear Readers:

Should you have noticed my relative 'silence' on my blog post, it's because I found the twitter of blogs, Bubblews. Me on Bubblews!! There, I get to put up condensed versions of my blog posts or vignettes that I find too short for KISS.

There's another reason why I spend so much time on Bubblews: I get paid 1/2 penny a click. Now, that may be small potatoes to the majority of people out there, but I got some following. Like GLOBAL following which adds up. Pays for my therapy and artisan 7-grain bread from The Bake House in Kauneonga Lake.

So, for you diehard KISS fans, don't fret any the paucity of new posts here - check out my content on Bubblews. Me on Bubblews!! It's still the satirical, whimsical crap, but in shortened form and without cuss words and sexual content. Okay, it's PG-rated. Also, I get paid for your amusement.

I'll still make posts here from time to time. But what I'd really LOVE for you guys to do is buy my books. Really. That'll make me return here full-time.

Think about it.

Oh, a short segue. I saw this on the web:

Oops! Wrong screen shot.

This was the original question:

Yahoo Question: 
Are you friends with any celebrities on Facebook?

Answer from Nicole M:
I'm friends with a bigwig writer named Maura Stone and some journalists, but not A-list Hollywood celebs.

WOW! Thanks, Nicole M whomever you may be. Hopefully, THAT non-endorsed promotion will give you incentive to purchase my books. Or at least click onto Bubblews! Me on Bubblews!!

# # #

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