Practical Jokes - Old School

Years before electricity, I dated Aurelio who had a good sense of humor. The best part about dating him was his wide collection of friends. They were all highly educated Colombian guys who made sure to get American girlfriends. We used to go out in one collective mass.

One time they asked us to join them to see a movie. We declined because we read the reviews, but stated some other reason like a prior engagement. The following time we got together, the gang kept discussing the movie.

"Remember that scene?" asked one fellow.

His girlfriend chimed in. "Oh my! Talk about hysterical!"

The other friends chipped in, cutting each other off in an uproar of hilarity. They turned to us, "You guys just HAVE to see this movie. It's one of the best ones we've ever seen."

Aurelio and I exchanged glances. The reason why we begged off was because the movie was panned by critics. Yet, the way his friends and their girlfriends carried on made us reconsider.

The very following evening after work, I met Aurelio at the movie theatre. He purchased the tickets and at the concession stands, we piled up on popcorn, soda and candies. We sat down and ate all that shit in less than five minutes. Then, the movie started.

It took us fifteen minutes to realize his friends pulled a fast one.

"I'm going to kill them," he muttered in my ear.

While walking back to my place, I said, "They snookered us."

That weekend, we joined his friends at a restaurant. One asked, "So, how was the movie?"

Aurelio and I exchanged glances. He said with sincerity, "That has to be one of the best movies we ever saw." With a straight face, I nodded in acknowledgment. He continued, "Yes, it was hysterical, but the depth was astonishing."

I butted in. "You do realize that several concepts were taken straight from literature?" I pontificated about 18th century French literature, drawing allusions from that to several scenes in the movie.

Aurelio cut me off to add, "What about when they said-"

But I interrupted him and made other observations. We laughed a bit, explaining underlying meanings which harbored on philosophy.

His friends and their girlfriends were silent. Finally, one guy cleared his throat. "Perhaps it's the language difference, but we didn't get all that."

The following night, they went to see the movie again. It didn't take them long to realize we fooled them. The phone rang off the hook the entire evening. Aurelio had a field day cracking up while his friends called, shouting, "Can't believe you did this to us! We paid TWICE for a bad movie!"

# # #

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