Wake Up and Smell the Shit!

I awoke this morning gagging. Waking up like this is not a pleasant way to start the day. Especially given the way I feel lately.

To those of you not in the know, I'm on antidepressants. First, as a way to contend with having rare neurological deafness DISEASES because they're so weird that no one believes I have what I have. Secondly, according to gossip, they're supposed to help me with the unrelenting pain I get due to sound.


The first medication, Welbutrin, gave me glaucoma. I'm now suffering from celexa which gave me headaches (something I rarely get), dizziness and amplified my tinnitus to mind-numbing. Not to mention even MORE PAIN! While I'm being weaned off, they put me on zoloft.

I'm giddy to the thought of what new side effects I'll undergo this round.

As I feel really under the weather, waking up gagging just isn't my cup of tea. And I realized this morning the reason why:


He does this EVERY year around this time. And I forgot.

I'm the one who shames Americans for their ADD memory and here I am, forgetting that this critter who reeks to high heaven, curling my toenails returns for a two month stay each year???

Which brings a lot of things to perspective.

First off, why isn't anyone more upset that the US recently closed 22 Embassies throughout the Middle East and Africa? This is big news. Has anyone realized the implications of this? Could this be why Obama gave Israel so much weaponry? It's like, Hey, kiddo, we're gonna abandon you so good luck and good riddens.

This is such big news that I'm surprised no one is upset! This is such big news I'm shitting my pants. A global terror attack and the media's yawning? The fucking President's on late night tv cracking jokes?

All of this smells. Worse than the skunk underneath my bedroom living in the crawl space.

# # #

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