And They Get Paid for WHAT???

Sullivan County stands out from all the other counties in New York State for the highest rates of unemployment, HIV, diabetes, poor nutrition and medical care. That's something to crow about!! The county is also known as doing everything they can to thwart any possibility of getting business. Unless it goes into the right pockets.

It's small enough that I got to know many of my government officials. I've met legislators who are paid to bring business into Sullivan County. When one of the county buildings was up for lease negotiations, they played hard ball with a company that had been here forever, employing 22 locals. Well-paid, in fact. I'm sure playing hard ball in a poor county in a bad economy is wise for Sullivan County's loss is now Pennsylvania's gain.

But, hey, it's only 22 well-paying jobs!

It makes me wonder why the county officials get paid to do this. It makes me wonder whether Sullivan County is competing with Kiryat Joel, the Hasidic Community known for being the poorest town in America today with 100% welfare.

I was approached by one legislator to do marketing, a paid job, for Sullivan County.

"No one wants to live here," she said. "We need someone to write about how beautiful it is here and how we welcome all business." She gave me every way to contact her and it's almost a year and she hasn't responded to my hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages. I guess she had doubts about my effectiveness in marketing and writing. Perhaps she knows about my disabilities.

But don't worry - I'm doing a terrific job letting people know about Sullivan County in my blog!

The other day, I met with the owners of a new business in Sullivan County. They're a private flight network and have been here for the past year at our local airport.

My friend got the contract to operate the cafe in the local airport. The cafe is a losing proposition up here, but my friend has a vision. She's already successful in her bakery despite lack of support from harvest festivals and local farmers markets.

There's a saying up here: People want to keep you down. The prevalent attitude is the more successful someone gets, the more everyone will shoot you down. Unless you're part of the local cabal.

I wanted to ride shotgun with my friend to do the initial walk-through (because I was bored) and that's how I met the owners.

"We want to bring people to Sullivan County."

I asked them, "Have you met any legislators here?"

"No. We just know you and your friend."

"You mean to tell me that you're here for a year and no one from the county has met with you or contacted you?"

"No. Only you and your friend who will run the cafe." In candor, I attempted to solicit writing opportunities for their web site. Hey, can't stop a girl from trying although I'm way behind the 8-ball with this.

"I've an idea," I said. {NOTE: I'm purposely putting it in my blog because I don't want any of my politicos to take my idea and say it is theirs!!} "Why don't you have a fly in with all your pilots and their families for the day and I'll get all the vendors, farmers, merchants, organizations, businesses here for a meet and greet at the airport to promote what Sullivan County has to offer."

"Let's tawk!" they said.

Later, I spoke to my friend. "Oh, we have to get the legislators involved," she said.

"Why?" I wailed. "The one who does marketing was fired for her well-known laziness before they brought her back. AND SHE GOT PAID! They'll take my idea and say it's theirs."

Then it hit me. "It took me two seconds to come up with a way to promote this county and I'm broke, disabled without receiving disability and I'm not earning a cent out of this. These county legislators and politicos, hell, the businesses here reap all the rewards and I get nothing."

And there you have it.

It takes one broke, disabled woman who does more for a community than the fat fucks who earn a living doing nothing.

# # #

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