Obamacare Travesty or How Do I Top This

And Right in Time for Halloween

Lately, I feel in the minority about my concerns with what's going on in this country: dissension is either shut down in mass media or mocked to the extent that you can't quote credible news sources. Then, those former credible alternate news sources (e.g., Fox), to show they aren't conspiracy theorists or worse, racists, dilute their news and take on the populist point of views. And I'm back to square one.

Which leaves someone like me relying on Facebook to see whether anyone else shares my point of view. While several do, sadly, many can't spell for shit. That's the problem: the people in my corner can't spell and even worse: THEY USE CAPS. They remind me of the pig farmers from PA who write 'books' that are chronically for sale at the harvest festival three miles away, the place which purportedly supports local artisans, artists, vendors and farmers. Since the person in charge has used the festival as a tool for personal vendettas and vengeance against local artisans, artists, vendors and farmers, they've been supplanted by those who live over 500 miles away.

But I digress.

As a social satirist, I tend to see things that others don't. Or rather, write about things others ignore or hope don't come to pass. I've been crazy-upset about this Obamacare fiasco, or as I prefer to call it, 'travesty' for years. When people get angry at me which is often, I tell them it all boils down to one concept: If Obamacare is so good, why don't the Congressmen/women and Senators who vote on it use it? You do know they're exempt.

I don't understand the lack of hue and cry in this country that the IRS, a vindictive organization with the same personal agendas as the person in charge of the local annual harvest festival, was put in charge of our medical care. That has me gnashing my teeth. Even more so, when you apply to Obamacare, you waive all your rights to privacy and secrecy.


I won't get into a discussion about the non-operative website and the crookedness with the contractors. I consider that a sneak-preview of our medical care to come. Conspiracy theorist that I am, I see the future genocide of the educated middle-aged baby boomers through lack of medical care or perhaps suicide as the future has been taken from us.

Let's not get into my favorite conspiracy theory: that the US has transmogrified into Russia pre-dissolution of its satellites. Big Brother Society with a dollop of Minority Report.

Seeing how many people in Florida and New Jersey lost overnight their private medical care due to Obamacare, that's when I broke out into wry and sardonic laughter. I had no recourse, but to write this little ditty yesterday:

To All My Liberal/Democrat Friends: I TOLD YOU SO!

Submitted by prettymilf on October 25th, 2013 
I never said I was against universal healthcare. I'm just against Obamacare. Yet, several Liberal/Democrat friends didn't see the fine distinction.

I believe Obamacare is a travesty and the final nail in the coffin. Then again, in the US, to rail against Obamacare means only one thing: you're a racist.

So now we have this in place with a non-functional website and all our privacy stripped out including Freedom of Speech. Overnight, the US became Communist.

I've a few questions to my Liberal/Democrat friends who supported this travesty:

1. Are you happy that your pre-existing conditions can't be treated?
2. Are you happy that the IRS is now in charge of your life?
3. Did you know if you owe back taxes, you won't be treated? Believe I'm full of it - go ahead and see!
4. How do you like your freedom now?

I believe Americans deserve Obamacare because they're idiots. But this is what Americans want: to have the government take care of them.

I'm waiting for the next step: when intellects like me are shut down and prohibited from going online to spread dissension.

It went viral within an hour on twitter, FB, newslinks, etc. One of my neighbors said, "Watch out - you may have the NSA knocking at your door any day now."

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