Recycled Penis Pics OR The New Era of Courtship

How Politically Incorrect & So Fucking Funny!

Several years ago my gay friend and I sat on my deck enjoying the weather. I sipped iced lemonade while he stared at the cock pic my latest admirer at the time sent me.

Doesn't it make an ideal screen saver?
"Can I have a copy of this?"

"Sure, no problem," I said, feeling generous. I emailed him the pic right from my iPhone.

"Terrific!" he exclaimed. "My new screen saver!"

Outside of making my gay friend very happy, I wasn't.

Over the past several years, the landscape of modern dating has changed. Sending women cock and/or crotch shots has become de rigueur. Otherwise, how else would a woman figure out a man's sexual interest?

No Discrimination Going on Here!
Which makes me reflect upon the kind of signals men required before cellphone cameras. Did men pull down their pants in public and yank on their puds?

I distinctly remember being asked out on dates. Where I would understand the subtle gestures: a slight touch on the hand. The caress against my cheekbone while he moves my hair behind my ear. A wisp of a kiss to make me inhale with desire.

Today, that's replaced by masturbation videos.

I'm not a prude. It's just that I find today's courtship crude. Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I believe that as adults, we're sexual beings and looking at him yanking his dick just doesn't cut it for me. In the dating and courtship arena, as ADULTS, sex is a natural act if it's consensual. Otherwise it would be called "Rape."

I find it sophomoric and disgusting to receive penis photos and masturbation videos. Sometimes it's good not to air what is left hidden in the pants until after a woman's emotionally involved and won't be too critical. I've dedicated a section about this in my book,  eDating the Old School Way: 
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"To reiterate, men are proud of their penises and have no shame. Especially when their penises are deformed, misshapen, scarred, missing pieces (oh yes!), gnarled and knotted. Some look like they got stuck in the car door. Others resemble textbook cases of syphilis in the tertiary stage."

I'd like to know what goes on in these men's minds. Do they think women stare at their pics and think: Oooh, a juicy cock that's mouth watering?

I think not. That's not how women are wired.

Evidently, men still don't understand women.

Which leads to a funny story. {Sit back and sip java while I lull you into a comatose state.}

Just the other day, my girlfriend asked via text, "Why do guys send me pics of their legs?"

That blind-sided me.


"Yeah, legs. They're wearing shorts and the pics show their legs and feet."

I thought no more of the matter until she sent me the following photo through text message:
Legs Pic According to my Friend

"Why do I receive so many leg pics from all these men?" she texted, very puzzled about this phenomena.

I laughed so hard, I could barely breathe. Realizing the explanation would take too much time to text, I phoned her.

"About those leg pics," I ventured, amazed at her naivete. "Those are CROTCH shots."

"Oh," she responded. "That explains a lot. Because one guy sent me a legs pic. The following day he sent another of him smiling and finally this," to which she forwarded this retina-blinding photo via text:

 All I can say, gentlemen, think before you send. You may recognize your cocks here on this page!

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