I woke up this morning expecting a meteorite to strike a national park. Because park rangers wouldn't be around to quench the resultant fire, a tragedy considering the government shutdown. Curious as to what happened overnight in face of a government shutdown, I fired up ze ol' laptop to read the news. 

Yes, life can be difficult when you're hearing impaired.

On my way scrolling through online news to see whether a meteorite struck a national park, I came across a spate of articles about why there'll be no biopic about Hillary Clinton. 

It seems that no one wants to talk about her. I can't determine whether it's because she's a reprehensible human being or because she's a reprehensible human being.

I was a great fan of hers way back when I was a Democrat. Let me tell you - the worst feeling in the world is to find out that your heroine is a cold-hearted anti-semitic murderess. After watching her discussing Benghazi on trial, I knew that having her as President in 2016 is the death knell for America. She made sure that her close friend was MURDERED and watched by live-action feed just because he didn't get the missiles back from the terrorists. Her attitude is, "let bygones be bygones." 

How do you think she'll treat us paeans? 

Still, this is a progressive society. We had our first black Muslim Communist President. The only thing to top that is the first female Lesbian Marxist President.

I wish there was a meteor strike. But not at a national park.

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