My Hero - She Got Chutzpah! I TOLD YOU SO!

All I know is that common people like me are not heeded when it comes to criticizing what’s going on in this country. As a matter of fact, any dissent of this current Administration is not only pooh-poohed, but bearers of said dissent are, at minimal, demonized and ridiculed.

Take Allen West, for example. He can’t be a racist for criticizing Obama because he’s black. He can’t be called a ‘traitor to the race' for he’s a former Congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, an exemplary citizen and role model for black and white. Instead, he’s ridiculed and mocked.

Then, there are the unfortunate others who are audited by the IRS, trailed by the NSA and otherwise socially ostracized.

Those were the actions of the Republican Party in former years. When I was growing up in a diehard Democrat family, we blamed the Republicans for their evil ways. Watergate only proved the Republican intolerance factor. I remained a steadfast Democrat sneering at Republicans although I voted Republican for at least a decade.

I didn’t realize that until my brother pointed it out. He, as well, was a diehard Democrat. And then the parties flip-flopped. Rather, the Democrats became more, well, Republican and the Republicans became what used to be the Democrats’ position. Suddenly, the Republicans whined about the evil doings of the Democrats. Justifiably. For the Democrats picked up where the Republicans left off. And they’re better organized. Not only that, they’re so far left, they’re Communist.

Yes, Communist.

As a true dissenter, I did the only thing I could: I switched political parties several years ago. That took chutzpah - how many Liberal Jewish women become Republicans today? As a result, I became ostracized and accused of intolerance towards gays, minorities, handicapped and Jews. Oh well.

One thing which has occurred: I feel right and no longer defensive for I let the President’s words and actions speak for themselves.

It’s called, The I TOLD YOU SO factor!

I’m one of those people - I rub others’ noses while yelling out:


This is my opportunity to point fingers at my Liberal Democrat friends, especially those who have unfriended me on the accursed Facebook, stopped returning my phone calls and ignored me in general. In particular, I say, I TOLD YOU SO to those people a mere year ago who openly supported Obama.

Here goes:

I TOLD YOU SO many years ago that Obamacare would deconstruct this nation. I TOLD YOU SO that this President is a liar. I TOLD YOU SO that anything the Congress and Senate votes on which has them exempt is a big No-No! I TOLD YOU SO that letting the IRS in charge of our health care will wind up ruining us. Oh well, we haven’t seen that yet, but who cares, I’m on a roll!

Still, there’s a giant vacuum of support for opinions similar to mine outside of a few noted right politicians who also have been stating the same things for several years. Rather, there’s a massive SILENCE out there from former Obama supporters, like George Clooney. George, who I never considered handsome because he reminds me of a ferret, wanted to give birth to Obama’s babies. Where is he now?

Incidentally, where is Hollywood now with their former open support of this Obamacare clusterfuck?


The only person who I adore right now is Judge Jeanine Pirro for having the courage and chutzpah for airing her anti-Obama/Obamacare views. Thank YOU, Judge Pirro for your bravery!

# # #

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